[] Untested and Memey Idea: 21 Sigils of Consumption Build

So I’d previously theorycrafted a “many sigils of consumption” build but hadn’t tried it. Then, the new patch came out and I noticed the shield I was using for this build now added more cooldown reduction to Sigil of Consumption. This build does use a bunch of specialist green MIs. Mostly it doesn’t matter what the prefix/suffix are (aside from rebalancing resists maybe - even getting more acid damage is optional really). However, the shield would need that Chronomancer’s prefix for that sweet, sweet cooldown reduction for this build to be fully effective. Otherwise you might only get like idk 14 sigils of consumption up at once. :wink:

I’m yet to test this build, but wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone wants to give it a shot.


Sigils have 13 second duration, and one can be cast every 0.594 seconds. That’s 21.8 sigils up at any one time if you’re casting them as fast as you can over 13 seconds.

I’m concerned that the build in it’s current draft form will lack the energy regen to sustain casting them. The current idea is to throw Aegis of Menhir at groups of enemies to get the added energy leech of Arcane Spark from many enemies. Otherwise, a devotion reworking to include more energy regen or leeching could work just fine. :smiley:

I’ll probably test this build some time this week but got very excited and wanted to share the concept anyway - Let me know if you try it before I do! :smiley:


Already done by @Valinov :slight_smile:
In with the shield buff he retested the Trozan variant so far I think for some crazy time.


Damn, someone beat me to it! :smiley:

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Not a shame to be beaten by Valinov, for any build idea
I estimate 99% chance Valinov’s already done it.

For example my Acid Winter King… Not only he did it before me in some form
but also made Winter King’s Might variants of almost all damage types :wink:

Still you had a very good idea - not so easy to think about equipping shield while being a caster.
Also interesting calculations.

I personally wouldn’t come up with that.


For sure. It’s affirming or validating to see people coming up with similar ideas independently of each other :smiley: My takeaway from this is “Oh cool, my idea works! I guess I don’t need to test it after all” :slight_smile:

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Pardon the slight hijack…
I would be very curious to know & or see if he’s done anything with the horn of gandarr?
That’s my current fav and while I have a few I think there’s potentially more than can be one with the skill and the items available for it~

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I haven’t seen him do such builds so I thought why not making Horn of Gandarr build myself :wink:
Since Rimtonge is explored at this point I assume, the other one I thought about is
Elemental Horn of Gandarr

Anyway, here’s the build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDP70WZ
Elemental Horn of Gandarr + Rune of Hagarrad + Chain Lightning
(Spirit dump can be made)


are we talking about horn of G in general or with Radaggan set?

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The last time I tried anything with a specific focus on it, there was a conduit mod for it. You can make a decent purifier with CD stun jacks and horn for support


Horn in general, but now that I’m looking into the acid seals & I know that the heart of gugazor is acid based the 2 could be used in tandem!

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This Purifier should give you some more ideas alongside tqFan and Valinov’s suggestions. For me, i tried to lower it’s cooldown as much as possible and paired it with pure Elemental Grenado.

0.4 second cooldown

Don’t mind the Pierce damage shown. It is all converted to Elemental through global conversion.

I suppose you can convert the Fire damage off of Sigil of Consumption and pick up some Vitality->Acid easy enough on your belt/rings. Pair with 3-piece Radaggan and some support items and it could be sufficient but it bugs me that just barely missing 4-piece Radaggan misses some big bonuses to Sigil and above else misses out on green Sigils.

Other than that, I posted it in another topic but this was a random brainstorm I had for Acid Gandarr that remains untested: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqEoPvZ


This was my latest attempt at Horn of Gandarr (elemental), haven’t playtested it yet tho - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRw88jN


I had been working on an Acid Horn of Gandaar prior to, and was hoping one of the updates would bring along with it the chance that Artifact Handling would be made to affect Horn of Gandaar.

I too love the Acid variant of this skill. It works great as a secondary healing skill if you get that % weapon damage boosted and with Adcth, i cant remember exactly how i was doing it but i think it relied somehow on the seals. Maybe it was pierce to acid conversions… i cant remember now. I didnt wind up finishing it cuz my computer was in a horrible state but now that ive got a new machine i will be curious to see if anyone comes up with something for it!

Also (the main reason i came here), props to @WyreZ and @Valinov for this rad ass bad ass build concept! Very cool!