[] [Purifier] Resonance, Invocation and Detonation

Stats shown with passives, Word of Renewal and Inquisitor Seal active. Sheet DPS is Horn of Gandarr.


Setup I use.

BiS Belt Affixes.

Build Concept

  • Horn of Gandarr is our main filler skill dealing an ok amount of damage fully converted to Elemental damage, though mostly Cold and Fire damage.
    • The damage is ok but is still only equivalent to most Seal skills in sheet DPS, it probably won’t carry a build well on it’s own. A long time ago, Stupid_Dragon dissected some CT builds around then and figured out that ~50% of the build’s total damage came from procs rather than CT itself. This is where our build comes in.
    • Horn of Gandarr gets significant damage boosts from constant Elemental Seekers and pure Elemental Arcane Currents with a 100% proc chance and 0.8s cooldown. Other procs like our rings, Bane relic or Whirlpools add more in as well.
    • Crit damage also plays an important role. We have 46% global crit damage with 22% from Inquisitor’s Seal and another 9% from Deadly Aim. Horn of Gandarr also has 55% crit damage baked in. Worth noting - Seekers and Currents also have baked in crit damage.
    • We have 2900-3000 OA base, Gandarr applies -200 DA to all enemies hit and Deadly Aim when procced pushes us up to 3200-3300 OA. We have no problem getting crits.
  • For defense, Gandarr reduces the damage dealt by everything it hits by a gargantuan 30%, Inquisitor’s Seal provides passive flat damage absorption with Blast Shield/Prismatic Rage providing even more.
    • Built-in Confuse CC on Gandarr also deserves special mention here keeping crowds of trash from swarming us, some Heroes too.
  • For health recovery, we have part of Twin Fangs converted to Fire/Lightning/Cold damage, Bane adding some extra when it procs, Word of Renewal healing a chunk every now and then and Horn of Gandarr life stealing with 15% ADCtH and 80% weapon damage in a wide AoE. All bolstered further by +10% healing received.


Horn of Gandarr (Arcane Currents): CCs weaker enemies and debuffs all enemies with some handy utilities. The damage it deals is also not half bad and allows us to proc some other gear/devotion procs quickly and efficiently.
Inquisitor’s Seal (Whirlpool): Shields us from damage with it’s flat absorption. Most effective at minimising chip damage from DoTs or crowds than big chunky hits.
Word of Pain (Elemental Seeker): An engine to constantly spawn Elemental Seeker sprites every second due to it’s long duration and AoE.
Word of Renewal: Provides a bunch of benefits like DA, movement speed, resistances and racial damage. Also functions as a helpful heal when we want it.
Grenado (Elemental Storm): Mainly taken as a way of delivering Elemental Storm but also deals a large amount of damage (largely Cold) in it’s own right. Not as much as dedicated Grenado builds but it can still hit for up to 400k dummy crits here which is nothing to sneeze at. On Ulzuin’s Chosen procs, it’s a massive amount of burst damage.
Thermite Mine (Twin Fangs): Makes nearby enemeis weaker to all Elemental damage we deal. Invaluable ability.

Aura of Censure: Like Mines, it makes all nearby enemies weaker to all damage we deal but this time with no input necessary.
Flame Touched: Provides OA, fire damage and makes all Fire and Lightning damage we deal everywhere stronger. Some minor benefits for 1 point on Temper too.
Spelldrinker: A nice bonus of Elemental damage and energy absorption to help keep us up.
Arcane Resonance: Provides a bunch of additional CC resistances and a bit of extra Elemental damage.
Whirling Blades: Some extra Pierce resistance and armour, the passive aura is converted to Elemental damage. Important to note as well is more lifesteal on the component is great due to Horn of Gandarr dealing less than 100% weapon damage.

Resist Reduction

Elemental Storm: Reduces enemy Elemental resistance by 32 in an AoE pool.
Aura of Censure: Reduces the Elemental resistance of all enemies around us by 30%.
Thermite Mine: Reduces the Elemental resistance around our Mines by 35%.
Mark of the Rimetongue: Reduces the Cold resistance of our enemies by 10%.

In total, this leaves us at -97% Fire resistance, -107% Cold resistance and -97% Lightning resistance.


Enough in Physique to equip our armour and the rest in Spirit for more damage and energy regen.


Keep Word of Renewal’s buff active at all times. For crowds of enemies, applying Word of Pain and spamming Horn of Gandarr with the occasional Grenado clears well enough.

For more meatier enemies like Heroes and Bosses, in addition to the above you want to set down your Seal and Mines ahead of you before engaging and use Grenado until it procs Elemental Storm first. I also recommend using Gandarr a few times early on to proc the -30% reduced target damage as quickly as possible and minimise burst damage.




@Snazzblaster @RektByProtoss @Dmt @AlexGoldFish_322 and many others. A round of applause for those who dooted before it was cool :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
@ulvar1 for suggesting I pick up Whirlpool as a 3rd T3 constellation.


Style points for usage of Typhos :slight_smile:

You could fit leviathan proc in there too https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrkKaMN

As the self-proclaimed Doot Daddy, I give this build a doot of approval :crate:


I would like to try a “nova” caster build ( D2 light nova ! ) for some time with horn of gandarr and callidors tempest. This build might help me with some ideas, thanks !
It’s always good to have builds with main skill that are not one the most used skill everyone use :slight_smile:

Not bad. Loss of % Fire/Lightning damage worries me a little but the proc and nodes look to make up for it. Will have to try it at some point.

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Proc will for sure make up for that. Also +900 or so hp and 4% phys res

Ever since the feedback to pick up Whirlpool from @ulvar1 and confirmed Rimetongue changes in the discussion I knew I’d come back to this and update it but wanted to wait until the patch was out first before doing so. Changes

Rimetongue Set: increased Offensive Ability to 130. Increased % Trap Resist Reduction modifier for Blade Trap to -55% and removed % Conversion modifier for Grenado.
Rimetongue Chestguard: increased % Chaos Resist to 25%
Rimetongue Mask: removed % Conversion modifier for Grenado
Rimetongue Pendant: removed % Trap Resist Reduction from the skill proc
Rimetongue Shoulderguard: increased % Pierce Resist to 25% and Defensive Ability to 60

  • The Trap RR changes don’t concern us but are still great for Nightblade variants.
  • The conversion removal on Grenado don’t hurt us as we still get the Physical conversion on our gloves and means High Impact isn’t forcefully converted to Pierce damage anymore.
  • Points can be taken out of Word of Renewal (down to 12/12) and Deadly Aim (down to 1 point) to max High Impact for more damage on Grenado.
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