[] Wolven Berserker - Tough, Double Axe, 10 Target Cadence


I wanted to make a tough-as-nails, heavy hitting AOE melee double axe type build. So, here it is! This build has a boosted and max’d Cadence which can hit up to 10 enemies in a 340 degree arc. This means it can dish out a lot of damage to almost everything that surrounds him. The highest crits I’ve seen are around the 500k mark, but I think it can hit for higher if all of the stars align. Weapon damage sits at a nice 40k with all buffs up.

The build is decent in damage and decent in survivability, but not mindblowing in either. I have not min-maxed this build, but it’s quite strong in it’s current form. Some minor tweaks could see it having slightly higher damage (Menhir’s Bulwark instead of Possession - I just like skill disruption resistance for those pesky poison clouds!)

It’s fun and fairly relaxing due to it’s higher tankiness. The build features lifesteal, overlapping % damage absorption, high physical resistance, decent HP, reduced enemy damage, and two movement abilities.

Enjoy! :smiley:


how does it crit with only 2500 OA ? :thinking:

can’t use menhir because requires 2h or shield :confused:

overall i like the idea of fleshwarped cleavers, i’ve just never been able to get past the “raw” physical dmg idea myself, even if i know several successful builds have been made with it :sweat_smile:

looks neat, couple of points here and there to tweak to personal taste maybe, as you mention, but i love see oleron/blind fury mained, feels like that doesn’t happen too much these days :blush:

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Hey, good attempt but isn’t OA too low for a physical build? I made blademaster with those axes >< Lancelot, Knight of the Meme Table. DW Physical Blademaster. SR 75-76/Ravager of Flesh/Mogdrogen . I think Oleron’s Rage is worth it.

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If you put 1 point in veterancy, it should allow you to pump more points in cunning for better OA and phys dmg.

Also wouldn’t warborn gavel in off hand be maybe better than a second cleaver ? Warborn proc is pretty sick and it also allows you to get Rhowan’s scepter.

I was just messing around in GT with a hyper offensive version with oleron : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbG3k4Z

2800 OA, plus the DA debuffs from Blitz or Markovian’s :open_mouth:
Also yeah, Menhir’s Bulwark clearly ain’t gonna work - I wrote this when I was very sleepy. :smiley:
But sure, the OA is a bit low for a phys damage build. I don’t mind, I was making a memey theme exploring how many dudes I could hit with cadence at once. I did mention in my original post that the build wasn’t minmaxed. Shrug

Looks fun! The Warborn 4 piece set bonus IS really nice. The OA and weapon damage you get with that setup looks tasty for sure. Are you concerned about energy regen? I guess I was mainly focused on creating something slightly more tanky initially. I was secretly basing this build off a class from Black Desert Online, but I think your build would be more powerful :smiley:

You’re probably right. Nice link! As I said to SRKSlash - I was aiming to make something a bit tankier because of the theme of the build that I was going for, but going OA is probably overall more effective functionality.

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Nice one! I guess I was basing it off a certain theme (a tough dude!), but if you can shred superbosses without it, then it is unnecessary. :smiley:

GT shows 2567 OA, without proc buffs (fighting spirit only being active 2/5 of the time), and Blitz+markovian DA shred don’t stack, so either way it’s not even 3k OA, which seems low for triggering crits or Assassin’s mark in general :thinking:

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Yeah its just something I thought of when looking at your build, no doubt there will be issues to fix when trying it ingame medal/ring component can be switched to soul shards for energy absorb and that + occasional energy pots should be ok for most stuff I hope. But then I was thinking… witchblade has to actually cast CoF and pox. So if going full glass cannon why not just go warlord and max rebuke as well and ended up with this monstrosity : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2prgEeZ

Now I’ve got two (kinda) valid builds but just need to get time to test :sweat_smile:

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Haha, now we’re talkin’ :smiley: If you get a chance to test them, let me know how they go!