[][Guide] Trozan's Ice Shards - A cold Warlock Beginner Guide

Loving this build!

My favourite by far :slight_smile:


How to get skill modifier like your snapshot?
Sorry for the weird question :sweat_smile:

Skill modifiers come from gear. In that case, it’s solely from the weapon and off-hand

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First time playing Grim Dawn and having a great time with your TSS build!

I have a question though. I recently crafted the relic Haunt, but can’t seem to bind Blizzard with it’s skill.

Am I doing something wrong? Or are Blizzard and Haunt no longer able to be bound?
(I’d like to use Haunt instead of Bloody Pox as my Blizzard proc because of the longer range.)

Anyway thanks for the detailed guide. It was very easy to follow as a newbie.

Apparently such debuffs (same case for curse of frailty) can’t be bound to on-crit devotions (anymore?) even though they can crit. Pox has a different mechanic so I guess this one gets a pass. I’m pretty sure I saw a thread about that at one point but I can’t find it

But ayway, thanks fam, my pleasure

Thanks for the beginner guide! Is this still viable in 1.2?

Also I’m having a hard time choosing the second class for TSS. Can you give me some direction on which I should choose?

Thanks a lot!

As 2nd class either Shaman or Occultist would be an option if you decide to later use this set:

Another would be to go Inquisitor with this:
(I highly advice AGAINST it tho, TSS side of the set needs help imo!)

There’s also this, which iirc is also mainly paired with Inquisitor:

And lastly:
(Usually not used as a full set in endgame builds tho outside of niche cases)

Hope this helps!


Very much viable and improveable with the patch that just came out (OFF is now an incredible tool for the entire playthrough, Evade allows a more aggressive playstyle and thus build, more Nullification investment for comfort…)
For second mastery choice, that guide focuses on levelling the classic Trozan build, in the optic of using the eponymous set. Shaman would be the easiest and most obvious choice, occultist isn’t much different until you get the full legendary set. In the end, shaman will end up with a more kitey playstyle, while warlock will focus on keeping the enemies in sigils. And Mergos gave you broader options, you can find builds on the forum to see how they play.

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Thanks guys! I’m gonna go with Warlock!!

Just returning to the game and am going to follow this guide as it seems like a fun choice with the added mobility. Will post updates at some point but thanks for what seems like a nice guide to get me back into the game again!

Thanks mate, please do post updates.
I’m releveling this build myself to update the guide, you may see some changes appear at some point

I got really sidetracked and got busy at work and i never got around to making this build, so sorry i never posted any updates! Will try to now as i really want to get a few builds going before the expansion!

Okay, so i just finished base normal and will tidy up some quests and dive into the expansions, around level 42 right now and really enjoying it so far! It is a very squishy build for sure but im actually really enjoying that playstyle over the standard suggestion of playing a forcewave character for a starter build as im finding it very fun to kite and dodge packs then drop shards down on them. It’s definitely not a hardcore friendly build but i knew that and don’t really do hardcorce, haha!

I was having some serious energy issues in the beginning and i totally missed your suggestion about using the bone talisman but i found a few items with insight on them that helped out a lot and got me through the early levels. Also i dont know if i just leveled fast but i was around level 20ish around the time i got back to get a Rolderathis Tome and the ones dropping were all level 35 so i had to wait a bit to use that! Im guessing if i was smarter about it i could have bee-lined it to get the lower level variant to drop but i wasn’t thinking about it. Not a big deal.

Also Arkovia is probably the hardest area starting out? Definitely a lot of cold resistant skellys in there and they dont go down easy! Was fun still though, just found myself skipping some of them because they were a hassle to take down even with curse of frailty.

Beyond that point everything went pretty smooth! Just killed Loghorrean and going to play through the expansions on normal then probably just jump straight up to ultimate. That’s a really great change with 1.2 and am so glad were not force to play the game three times over now on even the first run, much more enjoyable leveling when you dont have to worry about over leveling yourself.

Looking forward to playing through the rest of the game with it and transitioning to an end game build eventually! Also just enjoying playing this again, i was going to wait for the expansion but its been nice seeing all the changes they have done with the patches over the past year. Will have to check out those new sick two hander animations with a different build eventually too!

i’ll try to post again one i get further along with this, maybe once i finish ultimate or something. Anyways, thanks for the guide again!