[] Winds of the Eternal Night(or Meme). Vitality Wind Devil Archon. SR 76-76/Mogdrogen

Hi everyone, I like to share my meme Archon with you. It’s kinda a hybrid build because Wind Devils by themselves were not enough to kill everything, despite their big contribution to AoE. So I included more Savagery points and WPS and Mobility Rune. Can’t say it has good single target damage but it’s managable due to high RR, and obviously Wind Devils are not RED or should I say unfortunately? :stuck_out_tongue:

Images from the game with perma buffs + savagery buffs and Dying God proc.

Can’t show WD damage tooltip so added %vitality damage image.

:tornado: :tornado: GRIMTOOLS :tornado: :tornado:

Gear Choices
  • Had to use Nightbringer, Morgo Helmet and Gloves for WD mods and bonus. Used Morgo chest for 3rd set bonus.

  • Used Bloodfury since Morgo shoulder doesn’t provide anything to build, neither complete set bonus.

  • Avenger Belt for skill points.

  • Grava Leggings because I needed elemental resist mostly but also used ‘‘Demonic’’ prefix to cap stun resist.

  • Boneshatter threads for good stats.

  • Signet of the Fallen is BiS for RR; used Deathlord Band instead of Cursebearer for attack speed.

  • Serenity for skill points and resistances.

  • Kaisan amulet since you need Shaman skill points to hardcap WD and there is no legit alternative. Stalwart prefix is useful to get some DA.

Constellation Route

Ordinary Vitality route with DG and Rattosh, except Tsunami. I know it’s a bit weird but skill has good WD and build converts half of the damage into vitality. I found it more useful than Bat. One can include Bat aswell but there is no good proccer for it; both can be used in abuild which utilize Vitality Storm Totem instead of Savagery and WPS.

SR 75-76 run

Build is consistent in farming range but struggles after 80.

Mogdrogen Kill

I literally used everything… Except Aether Cluster :sweat_smile:

Lokarr Kill (Since Ravager’s 2nd phase was pretty hard. Maybe a better pilot can kite it’s second phase so can’t say it’s impossible)

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome