[] Devastating Spellscourge Battlemage, Max Block Cooldown Tank (Video)

To have an overguard uptime of 100% - you need in most cases Markovian’s Defense and some other means to either increase the uptime of overguard or/and lower the cooldown (Spellscourge has both)

Thanks for the tip.

So basically I need to get the SpellScourge set items.

It is one option, but there is also other gear options that can reduce the cooldown - if a 100% uptime is wanted. E.g. Colossal Bulwark - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database or gear with cooldown reduction. Another way would be e.g. to use Aeon’s Hourglass. But in most cases the cost is considered too high for the gain

IMO, having Overguard up 100% is incredibly powerful and you should shoot for it, but don’t completely kneecap yourself in doing so.

If you wanna get creative with your devotions, you can also rush Aeon’s Hourglass. That devotion plus Markovian’s Defense (the skill transmute/upgrade for Overguard on the skill tree, which is mandatory) is enough alone to have 100% up-time.

In the OP above, I have a level 65-ish milestone posted with level appropriate gear: Battlemage, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

The mid-level version of the build hasn’t reached Aeon’s Hourglass yet, but it’s well rounded and you’ll have Overguard up most of the time. Note that the end-game version of the build utilizes Aeon’s Hourglass, so it’s very much doable to deviate to AH first if you like the skill recycling. That should give you some ideas on how to min-max around mid level, and what to shoot for.

Celestial bosses?