>< Ember's Chaos Saboteur. SR 85, fast 75-76/Mogdrogen

Leeloo, The chaotic b/witch that uses blades to kill her enemies…

Hi everyone, I had this thread since, used SR set etc. Now we have Ember’s Calling set and it got optimized properly I deleted the old texts and here is the new one. It’s still a bit squishy for my taste but I did everything to make it balanced and it’s still one of the fastest builds that I’ve made so far.

Image from the game with perma buffs, PB + Dying Go and Abomination proc

Amulet crafted with stun resist.

:damage_chaos: :damage_chaos: GRIMTOOLS :damage_chaos: :damage_chaos:

Well no need for detailed explanation since it’s all obvious. Most gears are BiS except pants, belt and boots. Used belt and boots to hardcap FS, used pants to get Adcth and stats.

Why AQC over Whirdling Death? - Because it’s much faster for single target damage(tested on dummy) and Explosive Strike adds AoE to all 3 AQC hits aswell.

Why not Korvaak’s Deception relic? - Because build is squishy and resistances are hard to balance.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

8 mins, normal mutators.

SR 85 Complete Run

It’s pretty fast but sometimes sudden death is inevitable. Though I believe a determined player can push it to 90 with health consumables and lucky mutators.

Mogdrogen Kill

No gear changes made, changed one augment and used consumables.

Lokarr Kill 11 sec

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Very fine craft, and very good call on the SR set :ok_hand: As much as I like to dislike it, it’s a perfect fit on this build.

I just don’t get this part, spirits are actually good proccers (at least, better than any debuff), and is every fight lasting only 4s ?

Nice one, but isn’t there a better devotion to use than Vulture?

No in my experience, BS are worse than other pseudo-pets. And what I meant by ‘‘only need to proc once’’ was 2 BS are just need to proc it once in a while; on the other hand if you bind Bat or Flame Torrent to them, you don’t see them proc the devotions with their every hit even among crowds so they waste proc chances but since EF is a debuff with duration that also can spread among foes, in crowd or againts single target; 2 BS can proc it once in a while so they do the only job they can here :slight_smile:

I mentioned it. You can take Empty Throne or if you give up from Oklaine, you can take Hawk+Spider+Empty Throne with the points like this Nothing that really make a difference just some OA and +%3 crit damage and I like the Oklaine.

Updated for . Changed the Fang with Voidspire, it’s worth it now. Didn’t make any difference though, you feel the loss of lifesteal in some situations but extra skill points really worth it, stats are a little better. And you can take Toad or Fox for more Adcth with extra devo points I spent.

I kept first version to make it comparable but since Voidspire got +1 Nightblade skills bonus, old GT link has +1 extra points in Nightblade side so ignore that while comparing; go below of OP for the version.

Updated, changed the whole thread since started to use Ember’s Calling set.

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If you were going to provide any skill guidance/devotion progression, what would it be? I’m a returning player. The game still feels the same which is great.

Based on Grim Tools I can see you went demo first. At about what level did you start adding to nightblade?

With the devotion tree. Did you go Rat, Wretch or Tortise first? With this one, I understand a lot of the devotions are kinda based on where you are in the game and what not.

Hi. First of all; I suggest you level as fire or cold damage until you reach94 and gear Ember’s Set and Voidspires. Which means no need to follow final devotion route while leveling.

And yes, invest Fire Strike line first. Ofc pick nightblade when you’re 10 and get Dual Blades which will allow you to dual wield weapons. Then when you softcap FS and ES; invest nightblade side, get WPS skill to improve your damage, get Pneumatic Burst and passives. If you choose cold damage you can farm spectral swords in act 2. If you choose fire you can farm Kilrian Skullbreaker from Arkovian Undeercity Boss in act 2.

As for how you invest your devotion points; get Ghoul first. Then go for Rumor if you choosed cold, get Eldritch Fire if you choosed fire, then get Revenant and fill the gaps as you wish.

PS: If you insist on leveling chaos(which is not impossible ofc) you can get 2x Devil’s Crusher on Devil’s Crossing Merchant.