[] Hellborn RAtA Shotgun Paladin [SR75]

This Paladin build is that shoots fire retaliation damage (RATA 24%) on shotgun WPS.



SR75-76 (Game language is Japanese.)


Hello! Totally new Grim Dawn player here. I converted from PoE. Was really sick of how PoE handled experience loss, and I couldn’t level past 95. Loving Grim Dawn so far. I started with an Inquisitor, and then wanted to follow a build, and found this one, so I added Oathkeeper, and decided to try this one out. Liking it so far, but was really hoping for more detail on how to play this build, etc. I’m struggling a little early on with what gear to try and use, how to start using some of the skills that were chosen, etc.

I didn’t really understand the pictures, and what I was supposed to learn from them. What does “no piano” mean? What is RATA 24%? What does the picture “Stats with this buffs” signify?

Was hoping for a bit more an actual “play guide” with this build, and what I should be doing in early stages.

Also, HOW do I end up with some of that awesome looking gear and armor!? Do I have to play on Ultimate difficulty to get that gear and weapon? I can’t even choose Ultimate difficulty yet (and would likely die anyway)?

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is what we call an endgame build so optimised to be the best it can be. This sort of guide doesn’t include things like levelling, devotion pathing, etc. For that you should look at the Beginner’s Compendium to see if you can find a similar build to use while levelling and then respec at the Spirit Guide once you have the necessary level/gear to do so.

You will start finding Legendary items once monsters are L50 and above, but yes, you will need to reach higher difficulties and probably have to farm for some of the gear.


Thanks so much for the reply!! I wish I would have found this build guide compendium before I started, but that’s alright. I’m having a lot of fun just tinkering, but I’m guessing it will get more difficult.

I’ll see if any of the beginning build guides can help me as an Inquisitor/Oathkeeper.

In the beginner’s compendium, there’s Aegis Paladin.

If you want to level ranged, you can always try fire Righteous Fervor or better two pistols, going physical. Sandspitter is common dropped weapon in FG expansion territory and it’s quite good.

You can also play Paladin focused on Guardians of Empyrion, Oathkeeper’s pseudo pets. Endgame build and some beginner tips in further posts are here [] World Police and Friendly Fire - 5 Guardians of Empyrion Paladin [4.20 Crucible] [SR75] [All Celestials]

builds like these are what we call “endgame builds”, the minimum expectation is you’ve reached lvl 94 to wear max lvl items (practically we assume lvl 100), and the build(s) only works "as advertised) with the shown items and skill points
during leveling you wont be able to make this/such build “1:1”, but you can potentially make something similar/use of the concept “in essence”; but it will depend on the items you find etc a lot
leveling is much different than endgame builds, mostly because often you don’t have the same item modifiers, but ofc also not all your skill points yet, so it’s more of a “wing it as you go until you can make it”
and for that we have straight up leveling or beginner guides if that’s needed, but the game should be forgiving enough to let you get from 1-100/normal-ultimate on your own and let you tinker along, specially if you’re a bit familiar with APRGs already

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Adding to what Gnomish_Inquisition said, I’d give the above guide by Stupid_Dragon on which builds are dependent on equipment a look over.

For some playstyles in Grim Dawn, they can only be played with the right gear to enable using a skill in a specific way (like 1-handed Primal Strike or item granted skills like Oblivion) so cannot be used and levelled with from Level 1, only until you can equip those items.

Some other playstyles technically can be played out the gate but get so much of their damage and bonuses from end game gear that they would feel really weak in some way while levelling. Most Retaliation builds like the above Paladin fall into this category where they get large amounts of raw damage from Legendary equipment and don’t do a lot of damage during the levelling phase when you do not have/cannot equip said aforementioned gear.

This is why we have what we call “beginner” or “budget” builds or “levelling skills” in the community. Beginner/budget builds are well written guides for new players and detail what skill, attribute and devotion points to place from Level 1 to 100 and what equipment to look out for so you can get to end game smoothly and begin farming Epic/Legendary equipment for your first character or any future playthroughs.

Levelling skills fall into a similar category being skills specific to every mastery that become super strong and can be used for decent single target damage and good AoE for fast and efficient crowd clearing and Boss killing when you heavily invest into them in the right place/way. Some are ok out the gate but their true strength comes from having one or more green Monster Infrequents (unique uncommon-rarity gear dropped by a specific group of enemies or Bosses) equipped which you’d want to pick up and use while levelling.