SR 76+ The "Wind Druid" UPDATE

Credit to @orion_epsilon for pointing me towards some new updates for this build (his theorycraft linked here). In, Codex of Eternal Storms was changed to completely remove Wind Devil cooldown which makes it an excellent addition for this build. A GG GDStashed Yeti Horn may still be worth using, but realistically, I think Codex of Eternal Storms is going to be better in most scenarios. Now, you can truly spam Wind Devils like Tornadoes in D2! GT Link



Hey everyone, back from another hiatus. Today, I’ll be presenting a build that I’ve wanted to showcase for a while now and with the recent release of D2R, I figured now is the most appropriate time to be dropping this build guide. So without further ado, here’s the Wind Druid!


The basic idea behind this build is the ability for pets/pseudo-pets being able to stack damage over time effects with one another. This is huge for us as it allows our Wind Devils and Storm Totems to stack up a ton of electrocute effects on our enemies. We can further utilize this by putting them on devotions with electrocute as well like Ultos or Elemental Storm which will also stack per pet.

Unfortunately, as you’ll probably notice, most electrocute effects here are sort of short with most of them lasting only around 2 seconds or so. This might make it difficult for us to stack the effects which is why this build also places an emphasis on getting as much electrocute duration as possible.

We also want cooldown reduction on both our Wind Devils and Storm Totems. Even though we’re still bound to their respective maximum number of pets, for damage over time, this does not matter. We basically just want to have our Wind Devils and Storm Totems electrocute our enemies, proc devotions, and then immediately get replaced by new ones to stack more effects. So treat it just like a Wind Druid in D2, spam your Tornado (Wind Devil) to your heart’s content.

Updated GT Link
wind druid stats

Deathless SR76