[]"Taskmaster"(50 lvl)on Normal/+1300% pet dam/MogdrogenWolf,Crook

First off: bought game recently and i’ve no idea what i’m doing!
Currently in the process of slowly dragging my Conjurer through the Necropolis on Normal difficulty. Things became stupidly slow, so i’ve decided to look up what should be done and what items are best for me. Found this forum and seen some things. Wanted to share what i’ve come up with after some theorycrafting.
Grimtools link here.
50 level conjurer because it’s the level people typically end Normal mode on (or so i’ve been led to believe). Attribute/skill/devotion points were used accordingly to the limit, i think.
Of course, one would assume that all those green items are impossible to obtain in a reasonable amount of grinding time (duh). But i don’t really care, just wanted to see someone’s opinion on the resulting minmaxed stats for those particular limiters.
Further build explanation…
4 permanent summons, 1 temporal for 26 seconds, 5 toggleables for a second quickbar (toggle on and forget). 1 leap movement ability. 3 actively used abilities that were chosen solely for procking Mogdrogen Howl, Sheperd’s Call and Bysmiel’s Command - Frailty curse being one of them and it’s good enough to be used on every enemy even after proc.
Most of devotion stars prioritise % to all pet damage, % pet OA, % pet total speed, plus Empty Throne for some pet resistances. Fiend, Raven, Rhowan’s Crown stars were chosen as a stepping stones for reaching the Wolf, plus their elemental bonuses compliment Raven and Hellhound “auras” and main chunk of damage from the Stormhound (summon from 50lvl relic), same reason being the choice for weapon and off-hand components which give toggleable elemental bonuses for pets.
Item bonuses are centered on % to all pet damage, +levels of Briarthorn, Emboldening, Hellhound, Manipulation, Primal bond, etc, you get the picture. Embolden is overcapped, but whatever, i’ve put a single point in it anyway and the corresponding suffixes come with good secondary bonuses.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

You might want to have a look at Maya’s pet builds and guide.

I can see from the grimtools that you have too many points in Emboldening Presence - that’s what the red figures mean when you see them there. Maybe change some of your gear that gives + to that skill for something you need.

Thanks for the welcome.
I’ve took a peek inside that thread not long ago already. It’s overwhelming, too much information for me, too advanced…
As for the Embolden - yeah, i know about overcap. That is because of “of the Wild” suffix. But thing is, that same suffix gives pets %to all damage, %attack speed and some resistances, which is way better then any alternative on the list.

I play with a buddy, he hates crated items. So, I made this for him, so we can play together. :stuck_out_tongue:

With green DR’s / perfect affixes in every slot, yea… making a viable toon with decent resists is easy, when you have the keys to the kingdom.