[] The Pith Hunter or DW Vitality Witch Hunter. SR 85/Ravager of Minds/Mogdrogen

Hi everyone, I like to share my latest WH with you. I’ve been optimizing this build since, and I have been asking for buffs to Crimson Spike since then. I guess I was asking for wrong thing(skill points), because after Z granted chaos>vit conversion to the weapon; build exceeded it’s meme status but damage is still quite low. I believe it’s because of low base/flat damage of the weapons.

Image from the game with perma buffs, BoD, PB, LA + Abominable Might proc

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Gear Choices
  • 2x Crimson Spikes are core of the build, try to get good conversion rolls.

  • Used ‘‘blade trap’’ Night Conduit to get good stats and extra pierce>vit conversion.

  • Shoulder is also needed to get pierce>vit conversion. You can use ele>vit conversion gear if you like, just get the stats, especially DA.

  • Prime Ring, used it mainly for conversion and OA. I also thought it’s DR would be useful when Attunned Lodestone doesn’t proc but apparently it never spawns near the enemy, plus it creates obstacles if you need to run…

  • Signet of the Fallen is BiS

  • Lunal’Valgoth Girdle is BiS, I suggest ‘‘Demonic’’ prefix but DA is also crucial.

  • Grava’thul Leggings are optional, resistances are not crucial. You can use any pants that fits your setup but -%3 RR is -%3 RR :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I used Fettan Mask to get skill points and slow resist.

  • Vilescorn Bracers are BiS for good flat and LA bonus.

  • Undying Oath is BiS, provides very good flat bonusses.

  • Heart of Yugol, I think it’s the best choice. Massive health bonus is useful, freeze resist is useful, phys resist is always welcome and with it’s aura it provides very good damage. But you can use any other vitality chest.

  • Serenity, because build is quite skill point hungry.

Constellation Route

Getting complete Abomination is crucial. Tainted Eruption provides needed AoE, AM provides huge damage.

Rattosh is ofc must to get RR. You can have freedom for the rest, like you can skip Empty Throne but I suggest it since CC resist are more important for melee builds.

SR 85 Complete Run

Kinda slow so careful piloting is needed. Died a few times.

Ravager of Minds Kill

No gear or devotion changes made, just used consumables. I mean I used everything :nerd_face: except Aether Cluster, no need for that.

Avatar of Mogdrogen kill

No gar or devotion changes made, just OA/DA consumables and Lightning Resist oilment.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome

PS for Z: Proc of Prime Ring of Morgoneth is kinda useless againts single target, so counting it’s DR is pointless; either increase it’s hitting range or let it throw something instead of hitting with tentacles. Like, it can throw tiny tentacles, wait it might look like it throws dildos nvm :rofl: But seriously, it might require some rework.