[] 2H Melee Chaos Savagery(Upheaval) Vindicator. SR 90/Ravager of Minds

Chaos 2h melee is exist now, and she will have her revenge…

I though this would be a part meme build but it resulted quite good. It’s not a fast killer for sure but it’s definitely sturdy. You can reach 3.8k OA with deadly aim and not including DA shred. At first I wanted to include Storm Box for more DA shred but skill points are tight without Serenity relic and it became too piano for me. I believe someone who love range builds will combine this conduit with Harbinger set and get a solid Crucible runner but it’s not me :stuck_out_tongue:

Image from the game with perma buffs, WoR buff, Savagery stacks and Hungering Void proc

Amulet crafted with freeze resist.

:damage_chaos: :damage_chaos: GRIMTOOLS :damage_chaos: :damage_chaos:

  • Weapon and the amulet is the core of the build.

  • Korvaak Brand is for Savagery WD mod.

  • Rings and Ignaffar’s Combustion are BiS for RR.

  • There is a good chaos helmet that fits the build Visage of the Black Flame but I choosed the skill points.

  • Vestment of Severed Faith is BiS, provides good amount of OA and good stats but onecan use Rah’zin chest or a good rolled Bloodsworn Vestment.

  • Used IM shoulder for Upheaval points mainly but having able to pick ‘‘demonic/of attack’’ affixes is quite good for stats.

  • Used Grava pants for Death Sentence points, same applies for here aswell.

  • Used Rah’zin belt for racial damage and good stats.

  • Voidsteel Gauntlets? Because I needed that acid/chaos resist.

  • Timewarped boots is BiS for god stats and Death Sentence points.


I combined Dying God with Korvaak for DA shred. Stats are not that different between DG+Korvaak and DG+Abomination. You get more critical damage and a bit more OA along with Korvaak proc with my route and you get more damage due to abomination proc with second route. Like this Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator . I like the Korvaak route and prefered more Upheaval hits.

SR 75-76 Complete Run (with bad mutators)

SR 90 Complete Run

Good mutators but no death. I faced Grava and Reaper at the boss room aswell.

Ravager Kill

No change made, used health and OA consumables.

PS: I couldn’t try Mogdrogen since it’s already dead in this character but I’m pertty sure build can kill him

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


nice shot on this!

I assembled chaos conj in GT but didn’t test it yet, tho

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Thanks, I considered Conjurer but not getting proper damage reduction kinda scared me(and I hate using Doom Bolt for flat RR because I miss it while moving) but it can be better than Vindicator damage-wise.

image “are we meme’ing yet folks, are we?”

image Melee Chaos Savagery(Upheaval)

yes, yes we are image

SR 90/Ravager of Minds

or are we… :no_mouth:

… gorgeous Ford :ok_hand:


Looking quite good and im tempted to build this. Wanted to try Upheaval at some point and now we got that Amulet with latest patch. I wonder how these builds perform when it comes to AoE, without stacking WPS like usual. I would personally drop totem and ravager helm ability (hate it) cause im too lazy to click so many buttons :smiley: Anyways, tebrikler.

AoE doesn’t exist when you don’t proc Upheaval a few hits in a row but overall it’s okay. Korvaak proc also helps a bit. Eyv.

@fordprefect Can you please add a smidge of leveling info into your builds?

not often pure endgame builds contain leveling info
look in the leveling section for that

You can’t level this one as chaos damage. You need to equip the conduit and the weapon first. So best way to level this one is to level as ranged pierce savagery or lightning primal strike.

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This looks fun Fleshwarped Incinerator, has been greatly buffed recently.
Fire Rune of Kalastor (which I heard to be good while leveling) + some shooting action.

  • You can stack 5 Runes of Kalastor before clicking a Totem or set traps for some bosses
  • You’d benefit from Solael’s Witchblade and Kraken and use Aura of Censure.

If someone would really want Chaos for thematic purposes - then there’s Chaos Rune of Kalastor MI and FoI’s transmuter.

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Does korvak proc on a 2 hander?

Korvaak devotion procs 100% chance on crit and is attached to Upheaval which itself triggers only on crit from 2-hander.

Doesn’t matter what it’s attached to as long as it can crit.

Sorryi thought you meant korvaks brand proc.

Brand doesn’t proc on 2h, but it’s used for the mods to savagery increasing dmg and granting lifesteal, which is tough to rival
*and ofc on “pure” upheaval focus you usually don’t want all that much wps, so brand not triggering is actually good there to not detract from upheaval procs