[] Arctic Gates - Cold Pet Conjurer, Bird Build & Dog Build included, SR 80

Out of the many worlds these Gates can access, this one in particular leads to a sub-zero environment, desperate to cling to any life that can withstand its frozen temperatures

If you want to see a similar Cold-Raven set-up, see @Nery’s Winter Birds Conjurer with X2 Ravens. This build has the advantage of not needing the entire Bysmiel set.

The Gate of Many Worlds is a unique pet new from v1.1.6.0. It is invincible and it attacks within a 3.5m radius - similar to close-up AoE devotions like Bull. While many other pet-builds use this off-hand to great effect, I’ve come up with something unique with it: I use specific pet items to convert 66% of Physical and 100% of Elemental Damage into Cold. As it stands, this pet has a total flat damage of 313 Cold Damage; that is slightly less than the 326 average damage from a 26/16 Briarthorn. For an item-granted pet, this is amazing, and the fact that it attacks in a AoE circle to prevent enemies from blocking it makes it even better.

[] The Arctic Gates GRIMTOOLS

* update: Thanks to the change in Conduits, the Conduit is no longer viable for Lightning / Cold Raven builds. On the plus side, the Will of Bysmiel amulet nows gives +1 to Occultist skills, so the only thing that’s lost is the Chaos resistance. Devotions were slightly changed to get the build up to 20K health.

The Winter King Helmet provides 50% Physical to Cold and 100% Lightning to Cold. The faction item Dreeg Mark of Chills gives you 100% Fire to Cold, and the other faction item Bysmiel’s Webweaver gives you 50% Physical to Elemental, equally distributed among Cold, Fire, and Lightning. Storm Spirit provides a huge amount of flat Elemental Damage, fully converted to Cold, so I take as many slots that give points to Storm Spirit while keeping the conversion. The rest of the items, including the faction rings, were for taking the Raven to 26/16.

The great thing about this build is that the weapon, the rings, and the medal are all faction items, and the Gate to Many Worlds item drops through Eldritch Totems. That means that once you get the helmet recipe, you are basically ready to rock. SR 80-81 is doable; Anasteria is difficult because her resist shred tears through the Briarthorn, but other than that, 20K is more than enough to handle any threat coming your way.


Why I see your all post photo like this ??
I always think without electric belt, the Birds damage will not powerful.

I’m guessing you’re asking about the photos being blurry? I wish I knew - they look great in my laptop screen. The only thing I can think of is that what my Steam + Laptop takes pictures of ends up being blurry on your screen. Does right click + open image in new tab make the pictures any clearer?

As for the damage, the purpose is to demonstrate the power of fully converted Gate to Many Worlds. The Raven is there for AoE, pierce-through using the Conduit and Electrocute (converted to Frostburn) ticks. 48 flat Cold with 19/12 Storm Spirit is nothing to scoff at.

ye, is work now.

Tanky build and interesting use of birds conduit .

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Holy, I like it. Both the idea and the execution :heart_eyes:

That’s an ICE Doggie! sent us a gift in the form of Cold Hellhound, complete with its own SFX and Coldbreath. Hellhound is different from the Raven in that you need to have one of its two major skills: Ember Claw and Infernal Breath (or both) to be well overcapped in order to have it functioning as a good damage-dealer in battle. One of the rare sources of +skill points to Infernal Breath is in the Mythical Crimsonbriar rings; with that, I decided to make a Cold + Bleeding build to get as much oomph out of the Cold Hellhound as possible. Arctic Gates - Hellhound Edition

The principle is the same as the Raven build: convert 100% Lightning and Fire to Cold, and stack as many Gate of Many Worlds as possible to emphasize their damage. The Hellhound comes with the advantage of 24% Reduced damage through its Infernal Breath, which is another 15% reduced damage compared to the 12% brought by GoMW. Hellhound’s Infernal Breath can go up to 100K if you spec into it properly; not the ludicrous damage you get through Primal Spirit + 2 Briarthorns, but still considerable to have as help.

Outside of gearing for the Hellhound, the major difference is the Weapon. We take Bysmiel’s Grasp to get 100% Cold damage for both the Briarthorn and the Primal Spirit. Getting that extra 50% conversion, especially for the Primal Spirit, is well worth a more Hellhound-focused weapon such as Veilpiercer. Since you’re not shotgunning with multiple Raven projectiles, you need as much help with bursting down targets as possible, and unlike the Raven build, this build does not have the luxury of Will of Bysmiel’s 6 second CDR for the Primal Spirit summon.

That being said, it still does SR80-81 with relative ease. The hardest fight, by far, is Moosilauke, as the crystals cannot be burst down with Cold attacks. Thankfully, the weapon + ring augments mean that Freeze is not a problem, but Moosi’s hard Physical attacks and constant Crystal spam will be. As long as you kite him out, he won’t put you in too much danger.


Definitely going to convert one of my old obsolete builds to this, looks like fun and I have all the gear.