[] DW Blazeheart Pyromancer. SR 75/76-85/Ravager of Minds

Hi everyone, I like to share another unorthodox build with you; DW Melee Fire Pyromancer wth 2x Blazehearts. This will be a short thread with very little explanation, just a showcase for whose interesting.

Image from the game with perma buffs

Helmet crafted with slow resist, amulet crafted with %4 physique

:fire: GRIMTOOLS :fire:

Melee Pyro’s are rare so I wanted to show people that it’s possible with Fire damage aswell. Most gears are BiS so no need for detailed explanation. I chose a more balanced setup as usual so went for Empyrion route but more damage can be obtained through Torch route like this. Build has %139 Fire RR + Viper.

SR 75-76 Complete Run (With Resistant Mutator)

SR 85 Complete Run (With Resistant Mutator)

I died once at the beginning due to some unlucky circumstances(IM supported by healers and physical RR spirits). 3 IM fight in one video lol, go 2:55 or 7:55 to see.

SR 85 Complete Run

Go 7:10 to see Grava fight.

Ravager of Minds Kill

Used almost everything. Health, Regen, OA, Bleeding Resist, Lifesteal and Armor consumables along with Aether Cluster.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Good job, @fordprefect, I like the build :+1:.

Two small remarks:

  1. Fire RR is 139% actually without Viper (Combustion Band gives -8%);
  2. I would maximize BoD for more effective healing and OA for Phoenix like this Pyromancer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. 7% less RR, took points from Blast Shield, but ~3.000 OA and one-point Static Strike to knockdown healers/other annoying mobs. What do you think?
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Apparently I forgot to add Combustion’s RR lol, thanks I’ll fix it but I never include Viper or it’s kind because it’s affect depends on the situation(Negative/Positive etc) and doesn’t always apply the same amount.

More OA is better ofc but I don’t want to give up from RR on fire builds except I’m really short on skill points and Blast Shield is really worth it :smiley: Yeah I can one-point Static Strike surely, but it doesn’t add anything damage wise.

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That’s why I wrote RR numbers and Viper separately.

Personal preference, I see :slightly_smiling_face:.

Not for damage but QoL, since DW Fire Strike can chain-knockdown some really nasty mobs (human healers etc). Again, personal preference :laughing:.


I have by now given up hope of ever catching up to Ford’s builds. I will eventually get to play them, but there’s a LONG waiting list lol. Nice job as always!

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Greetings. I collected a pyromancer, and therefore I found this assembly of yours. I hasten to disappoint, at the moment she is not able to defeat Ravager. I don’t know what the developers broke there, but out of 10 visits, 0 wins. why I paid attention to it, because my version, more tanky and with more vampirism, also could not defeat him. I decided to collect the option presented here - it lives even worse. in general, information shared, good luck!

Nothing changed that affect the build so you must be doing something wrong but Ravager kill shouldn’t be easy with this build either; you need to use consumables with good timing.

I do everything like this - a complete repetition of your calculator, you can take it and check it yourself. I’m not new to the game, although I don’t post my builds here (with the exception of one), I have a large 100 of them, so I have enough experience. I shared the information, but how to use it, see for yourself)) the assembly either works or not, in this case it does not work with Ravager and this is a fact. Or should I make a video with 10 hits especially for you? I think that you can see for yourself in everything without any extra effort.

LoL, I have a video shows this build kills Ravager of Minds(Not other Ravagers). You can see the consumables I used aswell, you can also see the stats in the beginning of the video. Provide the grimtools link of your character.


like I write in English, but you still do not understand? LOL, if you’re too lazy to go and test your own build now, then why would I waste time on this build? we will assume that I told people for information that it does not work, and you write LOL and further.

And you’re still not providing me your grimtools(and which Ravager you’re trying to kill) so I can check and see if there’s nothing wrong then I can retest the build.


What should I provide? Your calculator, according to which I compiled a build to check it? Video record 10 visits and 10 deaths? Ravager mind, resists are closed. I repeat, I don’t need this, I have enough of my own builds, but I don’t have time. I pointed out a flaw, but you can continue to pretend that everything is fine, instead of checking your build yourself once ))
p.s.: I don’t care for your builds…

Wow, I have no right to reply here, but jeez…OP is just trying to help. And if you don’t care for the build, why are you even bothered?


read from the beginning! I do not need this build, but there is clearly false information in terms of defeating Ravager.

Why would Ford lie about one of his build’s ability to defeat Ravager? Dude has dozens of builds on this forum, provides valuable feedback for the community and is always honest about his build’s performance. When one of them can’t beat Ravager or some shard in SR he says so.


I saw this video, but having assembled this assembly, I could not kill him even once from 10 attempts. and what skills are needed for a feistanka, enlighten me, kind person ?! an ordinary average player should not have anything, I don’t need to tell these tales)) this is not to mention beginners …

did you even read a word about lying somewhere? His merits did not help me in this case.

Idk maybe there:

Anyway, maybe you got low rolls on some of your gear.

And if you struggle that much, just kite Ravager during “Ravager’s Presence” (eye) debuff.

the vicissitudes of the translation, but the essence is generally correct, the assembly I collected according to the above calculator cannot defeat Ravagera. everything is in order with the equipment - not the first day in the game. I don’t want to kite, in the build video there is a facestank, but in fact he is not capable of the claimed achievements. and I, as I wrote above, absolutely do not care, I did not come here to expose the author. I wrote in the first post what problems there are. but if the author is satisfied with everything, but there is no real feedback from the players, then there is nothing to talk about. I’ll do it differently anyway ))

Made some small changes that increased the health nevertheless this means you’re doing something wrong.