[] Ferocious Arc/Fire Blade Arc Commando-SR85-90ish

Hi everyone, I like to share my Fire BA Commando with you. It was a hard build to put together, especially stats but I managed to make it work after I gaved up 3 piece Justicar bonus. Here it is;

Image from the game with perma buffs

Helmet crafted with Freeze, Amulet crafted with Stun resist.

:fire: GRIMTOOLS :fire:

  • Sunherald’s Claymore and Conduit are core of the build. (Sorry for using double rare weapon :stuck_out_tongue: but Searing/of Wildfire should work aswell)

  • Grasp of Unchained Might is BiS for BA mod.

  • Justicar Helmet is BiS for stats and skill points.

  • Benn’Jahr shoulder is BiS for BA points.

  • Combustion Band is BiS for RR.

  • Ulzuin’s Torment is BiS for stats.

  • Balthazar medal is BiS for mods. Try to get OA and elemental resist.

  • Used Korvaak’s Deception relic to get OA mainly. Annihilation is another alternative.

  • Fateweaver chest is used for resistances, especially physical resist since it’s hard to get with this build.

  • Hellforged pants is used to get physical resist mainly, proc is also useful.

  • Used Earthshatter boots to get DR, also provides CC resists. Unless you go for GoE route it’s BiS.

  • Cronley ring is BiS, try to get OA and elemental resist.


I choosed to go with Torch Route but also got Rhowan’s Crown since it’s singe RR class and every single RR is worth it. Also got Phoenix since it provides a lot of % damage and crit damage aswell as defensive proc.

SR 85 Complete Run

Okay mutators. Go for 2:58 to see Grava fight.

SR 90 Complete Run

With a few deaths but very lucky boss room. Well no Grava in this run because it’s unkillable without good mutators+consumables. I added Cluster to the bar but didn’t need to use it.

PS: I tried Ravager but it’s really hard to manage at second phase so gaved up but if you’re a good pilot you can do it with some kiting+all consumables. Couldn’t kill Mogdrogen since character alreadyy killed it but I believe it’s possible with some augment change and proper consumables.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Good job on making fire BA, looks tanky and can even manage sr90 on top of that.

I think changing 1 or 2 ring augment to the one that provide elemental damage and 3% OA will utilize those big %crits more, but I don’t know if losing 24 flat fire from those augment worth it damage wise. Changing the head component to runestone can also increase damage vs aetherial but Grava will be more harder to deal :crazy_face:

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Thanks. Rings are already provide %2 so gaining %2-3 more from change and losing 24-36 flat damage wouldn’t bring much help. You can invest more into Flashbang for more DA shread aswell.

Is Shar’Zul mace that worse than Sunherald? :thinking: Full Physical-to-Fire conversion is great, but this build already converts Blade Arc fully through conduit, only Meteor Shower and Ground Smash benefit from it then. Not to mention +2 to All Skills and %Physical Resistance, good skill for devotions instead of Korvaak’s Deception. Have you tried it, @fordprefect?

I didn’t even think about it actually, I guess I was too focused on Sunherald Claymore :rofl: But sure I can test that setup aswell.

Edit: On paper Double Rare Sunherald provides 10k more BA tooltip damage and 35k DPS difference. It’s because higher flat damage of Sunherald compensates the base damage difference between Shar’Zul. Also you can get higher AS and more % damage.

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And single rare? Don’t think many people have double rare sunheralds lying around :sweat_smile:

I also used 3 piece Justicar since Shar’Zul provides the phys resist and skill points and Sunherald still beats it damage wise.


Looks like, Shar’Zul is bad indeed :frowning_face:. Would be better if it had Fire as base damage. But who knows, maybe Crate wants players to make Physical/Fire hybrids? :man_shrugging: Alkamos scythe got base Cold damage, why not Sharz?

I think Shar’Zul’s base damage is okay, since you got full conversion on mods with both BA and Forcewave but, since Shar’Zul is a rogue-dungeon legendary with a very rare drop rate; it should have some good proc or skill. Shar’Zul’s Wrath right now is a mediocre skill, it’s a good proccer yes but isn’t build defining. These rare items should have some build defining features. Like Alkamos Rings; it has DR proc as well as great stats. I think Shar’Zul mace also can use %50 vitality>fire conversion.