[] Lightning Mortar Trap Elementalist CR 4:30 SR 80

I wanted to try out Mortars and ended up going lightning with shaman as support.
Build turned out better than I expected and I had fun playing it :grinning:

Playstyle is very active. Always keeping mortars and totems up and placing mines in good positions. It can be quite challenging to play, needs awareness of defensive CDs and good kiting sometimes.
But to me its very fun and feels rewarding to play, especially in crucible.



Budget version

Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
It’s not tested but I think it looks decent!
Greens are for resists with some overcap, phys res > DA, OA > % DMG.
Can’t necessarily recommened this build for a first character. However if someone wants to play it, leveling with Storm Totems and Wind Devils is always a good option.


4:14 run
Mortar Trap Elementalist crucible 4:14 - YouTube

Mogdrogen was no issue. Be careful when both Blast Shield and Giant’s Blood are on CD.
Might give crate boss some tries but I don’t expect mortars to do too good in that fight.
Not going to bother with Ravager and Callagadra because that would require 100% cheese.

Shattered Realms
SR75 felt comfortable but SR85 was very challenging. Melee hitters get very troublesome at 80+
SR 85


Looks good! I like the budget version too :slight_smile: Perhaps I add it to my next SSF build poll!

btw what you think of https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7562 as budget amulet?

Also welcome to forum I am also kinda new here but I love this place already :slight_smile:


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Thanks! I’ve been lurking for a long time, looking at builds, and decided to add some of my own :slight_smile:

It’s a very good option! I went with Stormcallers Gem for the cdr mostly.


haha same here I used to write on reddit but that place is just too random and cluttery and things get forgotten.

If you like mortar builds I have one myself that I am happy of [] Fenix – Health Regen focused Mortar Purifier (SR80 and some celestial bosses)

Yea i saw your build and i found it funny how similar our health regen ideas was :grinning:
In my early versions i was trying to rely on full health regen and circuit breakers but i didnt manage to get the build stable enough in crucible. So i added bat and kept the regen.

Your build definitely looks like it can climb some pretty high SR!

I just stop at SR80, that is enough for me. Rest is just grinding without loot rewards.

But maybe I will do some more celestails and also crucible I wanna get my build on that elitist list

/>first time posted
/>4.40 CR
/>7.30 Naked CR (almost done)
/>full SSF BiS gear

that’s impressive.
gonna add this one to the table, we lack elementalists.

and that’s the attitude i like!


Nice debut and welcome to the forum!


About the self found greens that was meant as ironic. Those were 100% GD stashed :smirk:

i overlooked italics. well
still great.

Welcome to the forum and great first build!

I like it a lot and I’ve been playing few Elementalists recently, the class still have some untapped potential!


Sadly that potential is limited to casters. Sadly because if not the inconvenient RR Elementalist has some makings of a ranged build.

Yes, ranged Elementalist looks way inferior to Purifier and Vindicator.

To me Elementalist is at least an option for melee character - Ultos, DW Primal Strike or 2x Stormhearts are all possible. For instance melee build with SR set is pretty tanky, which leaves you as downside only the bad ways to reduce RR. And also explains why Cyclone is so good for this class - it boost/focuses exactly on Devils and Mines.

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Yeah, Cyclone more or less carries elementalist as a class. Wonder when anyone pairs cyclone and LD.

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That’s good idea I might test it!

LD Elementalist with 2x Ultos weapons, different devotion trees, this one’s more tanky but less damage/OA:

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This is my elementalist https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR1bJ4V
(note: SSF gear for real)

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Yay! Another new friend has joined the party! Welcome to the forums! :upside_down_face:

I love the idea of Mortar Trap builds, and still have yet to play one! Most recently talked to @Ulvar1 about this. Thank you for sharing! One of these days Ill finally play with mortar trap build, and will definitely be studying these builds when I do.


Yo guys!
Definitely agree that cyclone set is kinda carrying Elementalist. It gives much needed phys res and OA and boosts two core abilities. Outside of cyclone it feels weird to warrant elementalist over other class combinations. Your LD elementalists looks interesting though. Ive never tried out stun jacks, hows their performance?


Neither did I, but from what I know the point blank DPS is among the highest in the game, and with Ulzuin’s Chosen it’s one of the highest bursts too if you’re lucky.

Problem is you have to position your self if you want to actually deliver that damage. You’ll also have to survive being point blank to enemies. Good for world recors dummy kill times, questionable for actual gameplay.


I like the thrill of it , kill fast or die fast :slight_smile: perhaps not good HC mentality

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