[] Lightning Mortar Trap Elementalist CR 4:30 SR 80

Cooldowned Stun jacks seems more fun to play than modified one for me. Double Ultos spark is probably best weapon slots choice. From my tests:

  1. Sorcerer - most fun because it’s tanky due to Mirror. Not very fast as sorcerer class (Crucible around 5:30) but consistent. Demolitionist Conduit with lightning conversion for BWC is nice for clearing trash monsters.
  2. Purifier - did not play it much, probably some more damage potential than sorcerer but I’m SealsHater so I avoid inquisitor class everytime I can.
  3. Elementalist - most damage potential with maxed totems + wind devils, can go sub5 min in Crucible but survivality is HORRIBLE. Did one run, died on 160 wave with ~2:00 mark and abandoned it because I saw no future in consistency.

Stun jacks is problematic skill because reaching full potential require facetanking and shotguning enemies and SJ has no WD or anything to rapid heal.


yes most SJ builds recent I have seen in crucible and high SR are purifiers

[ -] (Caster) Electrify My Life - Stun Jacks Purifier [c+] [sr+] this came to mind

I love Stunjacks build because Disengage rune works awesome on it, and i love Disengage rune gameplay!

1 Like update: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aa6BD2
Pretty rough patch for the build with nerfs to totems, mortars and cyclone set. Decided to test other relics and drop some DA to try and push for faster crucible timers. Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm performed better than Eye of the Storm for me.
4:29 crucible vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZu55BB5DwM

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Hey I’m really wanting to do this build. Any chance of a devotion path breakdown? I’m terrible at finding my way through that.

Hey! These days i would probably include turtle devo since its very viable now and elementalist needs all the defensive tools it can get.
So something like this Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Yellow crossroads
Red crossroads
Green crossroads
Remove all crossroads points
Sailor’s Guide
Blue crossroads
Spear of the Heavens
Tree of Life