[ -] (Caster) Electrify My Life - Stun Jacks Purifier [c+] [sr+]


Building around SJ is a double-edged sword - on the one edge we have great damage, on the other - no WD or ADctH on them and very strange projectile spread.
But nothing is impossible, actually :slight_smile:



  • Armor - Obvious choice. Light’s Defender is one of the best sets in game in general and one of the best for lightning/electrocute damage.
  • Scepter - pretty obvious too, also gives +1 projectile to SJ.
  • Offhand - BiS here, also taken for +1 projectile. I’ve found the current affixes the best but others (of Oracle, of Thunder, of Celerity, of Readiness) will suit here as well.
  • Rings - incredibly good here, give bonuses to damage, stun res, bonuses to our main skills, energy regen etc.
  • Boots - bonuses for AoC and mines, cool proc with damage absorption.
    Note: all gear is crafted for slow res.



  • Incredible face-melting damage potential - vaporises most enemies in seconds. The most DPS dealt now is about 2,5 million.
  • High RR - goes up to -141%.
  • High energy regen - you will almost never run out of mana.
  • Build is rather safe to play and deals with Nemesis and even superbosses without much (or any) problems.


  • Since we can’t lifeleech from SJ’s, we have to rely on other mechanics - Bat’s proc, damage absorption and self-heal - to survive.
  • To maximize your damage, you should stay very close to every foe, otherwise SJs will spread and fly to somewhere in another galaxy.
  • Getting proper affixes on the offhand may take a long time.


Avatar of Mogdrogen kill (ultimate)

Lokarr kill



Huge thanks to @mad_lee who revised and min-maxed the build and made the Crucible video and @Nery for also testing the build and giving feedback for it, also for all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Nice build! Stun Jacks is one of my favorite skills. I have a few sandstorm of random suffix overseer eyes, so it might be time to looks for a better one.

I’ve never tried playing SJs before but got almost what I’d expected, so now it’s one of my favourite builds :slight_smile:
And actually, the skill itself needs some rework to perform better

Here’s video from your initial build, with slightly different points distribution! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTH00ldEhLs&feature=youtu.be

As whole build is very reliable in Crucible. From 9 runs, died once. And it was gang band at 170 with Korvaak second from, Grava, Kaisan and Maiden. I was expecting Grava to be tough, but he melts really quickly.

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Nice job and thanks!
Yes, fortunately, Grava is not a big problem here
For me, the only one annoying is Iron Maiden.

I think Grava isn’t problem due to single target shotgun by Stun Jacks. Also big RR. Maiden have skill, which is circuit breaker, also have dangerous physical attack and is slow to be killed. Also the three stooges at 163 are slow as usual. But build is moderate strong in Cruci. And probably is crazy good against campaign single target enemies like Lokkar and MQ.

Yes, single-target damage output here is very nice, even in SR bosses melt fast.
Will post some vids but they won’t be lightning-fast (as usual :stuck_out_tongue:)
And thx, you’ve reminded me about MQ, which is also annoying for this build (more than Nemesis, lol).

Mad Queen eats projectiles for breakfast. But she is slow in Crucible, turn around like old omnibus. Also is stupid and is confused by environment. But face to face battle her aura is dangerous.

As someone who tested this build I confirm that the damage is off the charts. The reason it doesn’t destroy Crucible in under 6 minutes is simple: Stun Jacks are hella wonky and if you are not spamming them at point blank range you are losing a lot of damage. I wish this could be fixed somehow, because Phantasmal Blades for example do not need that point blank range for full effeciency.

And yeah, nice build!

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Yep, while PB projectiles are pretty close to each other even on distance, Stun Jacks spread in a 180-degree sector right before the player, with some jacks flying straitly forward and some - to the sides.
Which results in what was said - necessarity to stay almost pixel to pixel with enemies.

Mad Queen can be tough. Her aura is very unpleasant for projectiles and if you stay away from her you will miss your attacks. Also you need to stay in Inquisitor seal in order to survive. But you need also to reposition in order to be close to the enemies…

Sure, MQ is probably the most annoying enemy, more annoying even than Lokarr.
And yes, playing the build successfully requires some adaptation.

UPD: pushed the build to SR75-76.
Note: most enemies still melt like sugar in the tea but you should be VERY careful with MQ (very dangerous) and Alex’s meteors (one-shot if not standing in the seal).


is overseer eye really worth? I find it tough to shotgun targets with base SJ as it is.

Maybe try iskandra offhand?

P.S: Lovely guide afan!

To me, Overseer’s eye outperforms Iscandra here as we get +1 projectile and some sweet bonuses like phys res (very important) and slow res (also important). Iscandra may be better in terms of % and flat damage but lacks the defensive part.

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Makes sense if you’re using sandstorm affix! Ty for the reply <3

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build updated to v1.1.6.2

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Hi :slight_smile: Did you also update the download link? thanks for the build.

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Yes. (not updated but just added but anyway)

With introducing the new Ulraprax’s Sting necklace, would it be a better choice than the aetherbolt pendant? Mostly because it adds a decent amount of electrocute to both storm box and stun jacks