[] The Dryad's Novice - Heal-based Spam Jack Purifier

Hello again, this is the second chapter of my Dryad builds, this time 100% life leech-free.

Previous episode :

I tweak another build with my new favourite devotion trio, the spam Stun Jacks purifier, another build relying on skills with no leech or %weapon damage whatsoever.
Compared to the druid, it has half less CDR but it’s a lot tankier : we have high armour and a hardcapped Inquisitor Seal in which we comfortably facetank nearly everything. However it’s a lot less bugdet.

:arrow_forward: Grimtools Link :arrow_backward:

Gear Alternatives

The helmet is craftable, take %armour or increased healing.

  • Rings
    Quickening Gems for more cast speed, stun res, and to save the modest amount of 4 skill points.

  • Boots
    Some good Stoneplates to better cap the resistances.
    Spellsage Boots for trap and disruption res.


Very reliable for farming SR75-76. The build could afford a moderate attribute dump in spirit.
The Afflicted mutator is pretty bad, it decreases our healing by ~10%.
Untested in high SR or crucible.

SR75 completed with average mutators

Somewhere in this mess, 2 Fabiuses were being tanked

Similar Builds


I also use Dryad in my Slow Jacker. Dryad could be buffed. He is a glass canon [] Slow Jacker - Elementalist that melts everything down in seconds with electrocution, easy SR 65+

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Somehow I missed your build during my searches, I’m adding it to the links !
But yes, Dryad is a reliable but slow/weak heal, it works on my build because of the extreme tankiness I get via Seal + Censure, meanwhile an elementalist remains a glass cannon with no mean of damage mitigation, Dryad is overwhelmed.

Casters can kite and still do a lot of damage. I would like to see a melee build with a Dryad.

I don’t know what melee build Dryad could fit in without being overperformed by a single % of adcth :thinking:


Its just way outperformed by everything else around it, it just needs beefed up and/or cooldown cut in half at minimum, Spending 5pts for a return of 3 on a T1 devo with 3.2sec CD is just not ever going to be used.

Good one Moncc! :sunglasses::clinking_glasses:

I still wish jacks had a pass through chance… sigh :slightly_frowning_face:

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