><Melee Templar, wait it's Channeler! DW Fire EoR Templar. SR 85ish

Templar apparently lost his driver license for good so he had to walk the rest of his journey.

Hi everyone, after Cyclone EoR Shieldbreaker I’ve decided to give Alladrah a shot. I examined Paladin and Shielbreaker variants and found them squishy and hard to balance stats, then decided to use Arcanist as support mastery. It has racial damage, damage absorption, OA, CC resists and more. Not sturdy as Cyclone but I reached absurd dps values despite low RR, in the end it worked fine.

Images from the game with perma buffs, Elemental Imbalance and Gaze of Khonsar proc

:cyclone: :damage_fire: GRIMTOOLS LINK :damage_fire::cyclone:

SR 85 Complete Run (Go 6:15 to see Grava fight)

SR 75-76 Complete Run (with resistant mutator)

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.


Interesting build! I have played fire Paladin (recently) and Shieldbreaker but haven’t thought about Templar. Damage looks quite good and you’re saying lack of secondary RR class isn’t noticeable ?

Thanks. Yeah I checked your builds aswell. It’s definitely noticable in SR 80+, some high resist monsters takes too much to kill. Needed to fish mutators/bosses to record 85 run for example. Resistant mutator is definitely unwanted.

Also did a lot of 75-76 runs, only problem is Iron Maiden since build has no human racial damage, Grava is much easier due to %20 racial damage. I died a few times to hard hitters so can’t say that build can do 75-76 blindfolded but it’s adequate to farm.

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Updated, added new SR 75-76 and 85 complete run videos.

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