>< Hurricane! Cyclone Shieldbreaker. SR 85/Mogdrogen

Hi everyone! Since my most of existing/future builds waiting for the wps changes on, I kept experimenting with different playstyles. First was Shar’Zul Forcewave which I somehow played like a standart melee character. Now here I am, rock you like a hurricane! No pun intended Scorpion lovers :crazy_face:

Images from the game with perma buffs

Helmet crafted with slow resist.

:cyclone::cyclone:GRIMTOOLS :cyclone::cyclone:

I read that EoR is dead after aggro fix at the time being. Never like the spin2win idea but I though I should give it a shot. I usually prior CC resist but I particularly focused on them in this build to keep spinning without much animation disruption. I choose to use less active skills as I can for the same purpose.

  • Cyclone Set, Empyrion’s Mercy and Cindertouch are core of the build.

  • Fateweaver Raiment for great stats.

  • Greaves of Ill Omens for Soulfire points and to cap Stun resist.

  • Ulzuin’s Torment fitted the build very well but it lacks resistances, so an MI Oathkeeper belt might be better if you find a good affixes on it.

  • Coven’s Storm Seal for AS/DA and good stats. Mythical Eternal Band is for Soulfire bonus and Skill Disruption.

  • Serenity is for tankiness and better overcaps.

  • Only MI is Solael-Sect legguards, any affixes will do since it’s for Adcth and Freeze Resist but having lightning damage and attributes is good.

  • Azrakaa’s Sands suddenly became my favourite Oathkeeper Amulet, provide good stats, +4 maximum to all resistances and some cdr. It might be better choices for offense but defensively this amulet fits perfectly. Also provides extra circuit breaker.

  • Build had %20 CDR so I thought it’s time to utilize Tempest! 6 sec duration 8 sec cooldown it’s up %80 of the time which helped a lot.

  • Since it’s a single RR combination I went for Elemental Storm because 8 flat is 8 flat :slight_smile:

  • Ghoul because leech is a big problem with this one.

  • Focused on AS on low tier devotions.

  • Hand of Ultos is mostly for stats, proc is just there because Viper is more valuable in this build, get it because it’s hard to get Tempest + Rhowan + Spear + Ghoul at the same time.

Skill Distribution
  • EoR line is Hardcapped.

  • I used VM to escape, defensively so softcapped Tectonic Shift, you get 1,7 sec CD on VM.

  • Left Resilience on the sweet spot.

  • Invested Ascension as much as gear allowed, it’s needed for defense but CoP is one point enough.

  • Used Guardians for passive proccing of Ultos.

  • Divine Mandate is one pointer for crit damage and slow resist.

  • Presence of Virtue is hardcapped for OA and energy regen, Haven is softcapped for HP and Rebuke is one pointer.

  • Didn’t get BWC because it means extra skill to use and stop spinning in the mean time.

  • Softcapped Flashbang to compensate lowish OA.

  • Hardcapped TM as gear allowed since it’s our main RR from class. Hellfire Mine point to utlize flat chaos damage since gear supports it.

  • Invested Blast Shield as much as gear allowed since the it’s CD became to almost 8 secs, it save your life better than any other circuit breaker from gears.

  • Vindictive Flame is definitely now worth to hardcap but I did since I had extra points, it also lowers CD to Ulzuin’s Wrath, which is left on the sweat spot so the line provides sustain along with AS. Ulzuin proc helped a lot againts trash while circling around a strong enemy.

  • Extra points Flame Touched line also for mainly stats.

  • It’s possible to get BWC line by leaving VF/FT softcapped with all these extra points which I tried but didn’t like the rotation.

  • PS: Used Stormtitan Rune for DoT stacking and Widow proccing, VM only for escaping because any skill you use means you stop spinning while casting it so it’s crucial that those skills in rotation worth using them both proccing and damage wise. So Stormtitan Rune is BiS here, you also get huge leech from it.

PS: For components it’s crucial to have Runestone on Helmet and Sanctified Bone on Chest againts Valdaran and Grava

SR 85 Full Boss Room Video (with kinda good mutators)

Valdaran is no problem. No death in Boss Room but died once in chunks nevertheless kept the timer up and completed without losing it.

Mogdrogen Kill, no changes maded. It takes some time so keeping eye on cooldowns is important. Used one Aether Cluster for safety.

Did try Ravager of Minds but it’s not possible. Low armor is the issue. Although build have good enough phys resist, you can’t stand againts him in second phase.

Build can go maybe a little bit further after 85. The biggest problem is Grava. You can’t circle around him, you can’t facetank him, it’s PITA to kill and takes too long, with constant kiting so leave it for the last. After 85 with some bad mutators he may cause you rage quit even :rofl: And definitely don’t get nulled with this build, 8 buffs to reactivate…

Thanks for reading, any comment/feedback is welcome.

And if require some feedback on the set & archetype, some racial damage to the Chthonics on shoulder spot would be great. It’ll surely help Archon as well as Fire EoR since shoulder can be used seperately for good stats .


Very nice build and finally some video :laughing:
Assuming EoR hits more frequently than 2 Guardians, maybe swapping Tempest / Ultos bindings increase dps a tiny bit? It’s just my guess, would need to test it to be sure sure / count proc per second / duration etc. I wonder how many proc chances / second EoR has.


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LoL great typo! will fix it. And the video starts late because it somehow glitched. When I press record, sometimes it start instantly, sometimes after some lag and freeze which was the case.

Actually I tried, yes Ultos binded to EoR is much better than Guardians or Mines. But;

First problem it aoe doesn’t follow you when moving, it follows the binded pseudo-pets which are hard to control in crowds. Also you don’t see it on your buffs when it’s active which is annoying.

Second problem, Tempest has no WD so it doesn’t offer passive leech but when Guardians proc Ultos you get some little heal by them. And as far as I remember(you mentioned it) Guardians hits every 1,2 which was the ultos’ cooldown with my %20 cdr.

And I also provide some videos on my other recent updates/builds but this is the longest recording.

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Build got buffed by flat damages and by added AS to gloves. I pushed to SR 90 with everything I have(and some lucky boss rooms), tried to re-test to face the Grava at that stage and failed, even with aether clusters. So I won’t update the title SR90. 85 should be easier now.

Here is the video, no death in chunks; the last 6-7 mins are only vs Grava with a lot of death. It can be possible with consumables aswell I guess.

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