[] Sentinel of the Underworld/2H Vitality EoR Sentinel- SR 90/Ravager of Minds/Avatar of Mogdrogen

A man who is neither dead or alive, yet he protects the gates of underworld and eliminates the ones who dare to escape…

Hi people, I like to share the best EoR build I have made with you. It’s much faster and sturdier than other EoR build I played(DW Fire/Lightning, DW Vitality, DW Aether,DW Acid). Interestingly it’s a Vitality build, and interestingly, it uses a 2H weapon that has no attack speed…

Image from the game with perma buffs and BoD and Hungering Void proc

Helmet crafted with Freeze resist.

:wine_glass::tornado: GRIMTOOLS :tornado: :wine_glass:

Build has -%139 RR, almost constant Hungering Void proc but unfortunately it requires a lot of greens to work properly.


Most gears are BiS, I mean really.

  • Weapon is core of the build.
  • Fallen ring is BiS for RR.
  • Pants and Shoulder is needed for EoR points.
  • Boots and Eternal Band is for Soulfire points.
  • Belt is for ele>vit conversion.
  • Helmet and Chest are the best options to cap ele>vitality conversion to %100 since they provide good stats.
  • Bolvar amulet is for RR and perfect stats. I recommend ‘‘of Alacrity’’ suffix but ‘‘Dread Lord’’ is not that crucial.
    (Medal and Gloves are not BiS.)
  • You can use Obsidian Grasp as gloves, it has %2 less phys resist and %5-6 less AS, resistances does not matter that much.
  • And I used medal for more damage, but I guess one can use Korvaak Medal for +2 Soulfire points, get the stun resist from Shoulder instead of Solael’s Malice affix.

SR 90 Boss Room

I believe build can do a bit more, with consumables if necessary. Chunks are much harder than boss room ofc, you can get some weird one-shots at these levels.

Ravager of Minds Kill

Used health, OA and bleeding consumables; added Aether Cluster on skill bar but didn’t need it.

Mogdrogen Kill

Used Health, OA and Lightning resist consumables; added Aether Cluster on skill bar but didn’t need it.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


I’ve followed several of your builds lately, I’ll definitely try this one. I’m no builder and I thank you guys that post them, my stash is full of items over the last 3 years I’ve wanted to try but didn’t have a clue. Thanks.


Very nice! This weapon (and it’s lack of attack speed) has been something of a puzzle to me recently. I’m glad to see that the solution is GDstash :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. In all seriousness, though, I look forward to trying this one out.


Nice to see it is possible to to make viable build with this weapon ! Good job !

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