[] The big pox! - Bloody Pox, Necrosis, Plague & RE Dark Ones Cabalist. (SR-75-76 / Gladi 150-170)

:drop_of_blood: >>> GRIM TOOLS LINK <<< :drop_of_blood:

Felt like doing another 3x Pox-like build but as a cabalist this time.

It can compfy do SR 75-76 runs WITH fevered rage. (To my own surpise)
If you’re just out to farm some items for ur other toons I would recommend SR 65-66 runs tho, for the sake of them being faster. :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:

It can also do 150-170 gladi. (Even so it can get hectic at times and proper usage of MoT & HP pot is required! You’ve been warned.)

It certainly is NOT the fastest of all builds out there (pls dont ask for times, if ur looking for a zoomer, this build isnt for you) but in my opinion a fun one if ur looking for something with alot of tick-based skills / pox likes.

If you have any questions / suggestions / constructive criticism feel free to post it bellow! :partying_face:

Cheers, Mergo. :wink:


out of curiosity, how come no Ill Omen? I made a build much like this (though currently only level 54) and I love ill omen with fevered rage… they run around like meth heads infecting other enemies instead of coming straight for you =D

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I love seeing Bloody Pox get pushed to its Max Potential.

Between this one and your Conjurer, which one would you prefer to a player looking for a Bloody Pox build? I assume they’re very similar in performance?

That surely sounds fun too. :+1:

I decided against it tho cuz 1. I already have damage reduction in REs second note decay and 2. I didn’t wanted the build to become too much of a piano. :wink:

I havent played the old conj. in a long time so I cant rly tell you which one would perform better or worse these days.
However, this version is alot less of a piano and therefore alot more enjoyable to play compared to my old conj. :slight_smile:

This is a nice one, and up to today one of the most similar to my preferred builds.

But I am currently leveling a conjurer, similar to this. When he’s finished, I might put it here.

Sure do!
Did a pox conj. as well.
That’s some time ago tho.
Was back in

I need leveling guide for this crazy build bro :laughing:

I’m afraid I can’t provide you a leveling guide.
However @RektbyProtoss has alot of usefull videos and such on how to level every mastery from scratch!

His videos should help you out alot when leveling up a new toon. :partying_face:


Piggy-backing on your build’s concept, I’m testing this out:

Trading Plague for a very buffed Ill Omen.

So far this is pretty fun, but I wonder about its survivability, and ability to remove big single-targets. I’ll have to test it in crucible.
DA is abysmal and CC res need work