[] Eradicator in a Deadly Corruption - Acid/Vitality DW-Gunslinger Radaggan Oppressor (SR75-76)

"Corruption and Deception covering the sky."

"There is already no Justice and Duty to be done."

"The Final Eradication is up to you, son."

The Build

With all permanent buffs including Consecration and Soul Harvest, DPS shown is with Righteous Fervor.

Grim Dawn Build Calculator - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbBOMkV

Build Features


  • Hybrid Acid/Vitality Gunslinger, its looks Great!
  • Decent single target DPS
  • Automaticaly (or Simple) RRing experience
  • Juicy WPS, and its Piercing Enemy in v1.1.9.6!
  • Neat Health, ADctH, and two DR skills


  • Weakness to Huge Strike… "Dodge It!"
  • Low-Health Regeneration
The Overview

Started building, focusing on the upcoming “100% Chanse to pass through Enemies” WPS to v1.1.9.6.

Started with Apostate wearing Radaggan’s Folly set, but switched to Oppressor because Meditation Relic, Righteous Fervor, and DW belts.

Once in this process, I was stuck with just my own opinion and took inspiration from “Rotting Putrifier”, and complete up with this builds.

Gameplay Videos (Upcoming...)

:faction_order: [v1.1.9.6 Public Test]SR75-76

:faction_order: [v1.1.9.6 Public Test]Crucible 150-170(Gladiator)

Enjoy the Eradiction.
…and I put a BIG Thanks and Respects here, for @RxJunkie, Builder of the “Rotting Putrifier”!

(Sorry for the poor machine translation)


It looks cool.

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