[][Vid] HC Ghol 、Lost 、Bysmiel Set | all Celestials | SR 95 - 100


Ravager of Minds
Crate of Entertainment first time not killed, with full dangerous details.
Crate of Entertainment second time killed.
SR 85 - 90 Major updates for Pets

1.Zaria’s Pendant: replaced % Physical Resist for pets with 6% Health for pets. Removed % Attack Speed for pets for real this time (was intended as a v1.1.9.2 change)
2.Typhos, Jailer of Souls: reduced % Physical Resist for pets to 8% and % Total Speed for pets to 4%
3.Fleshwarped Archive: fixed missing pet bonuses
4.Fleshwarped Bulwark: increased Physical damage modifiers for Blood of Dreeg and Mogdrogen’s Pact to 34 (Show in game is 30)
5.Ghol’s Malice Set: increased Health bonus to 2000
6.Ghol’s Raiment: increased Health to 520
7.Heart of the Wild: reduced % Health scaling with rank to 26% by rank 10 and increased scaling at ultimate ranks such that value at max ultimate rank remains at 40%



Ravager of Flesh
Crate of Entertainment
SR 85 - 90

Bug remind:Raven always disappear automatically since old version.


I’m new to the game and trying to learn, so please don’t shoot me if my question is stupid. Isn’t the first constelation setup impossible? Since you skipped picking anything in the fist ring? And even then, you can’t get the bull since you have no obtainable sources of primordial in the other ones.

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Constellations can be self-sustaining so what’s happened here is that early constellations have been used and then the points bought back at the Spirit Guide later when the higher constellations become self-sustaining.

As an example Lion needs 1 point in the Order (Gold) of Crossroads, but when you complete Lion it gives you 3 bonus Order points so you could remove the point from Crossroads and use elsewhere providing the Crossroads point isn’t needed to unlock/sustain a higher constellation. In this case Rattosh needs 6 Order points so that’s why you can’t remove the point in Crossroads because you wouldn’t have enough to unlock Rattosh if you did.

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Thank you very much. Didn’t know you could refund the constellations :slight_smile:

Yes, at the Spirit Guide you can buy them back the same way you do skill points. If you have the Ashes expansion you can also get a potion to reset them for free as part of the reward of some quests.


Ravager of Flesh
SR 90

Ritualist & Cabalist for Crate of Entertainment killed video update!

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Thank you so much for the footage! These are great.

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v1.1.9.8 HC Ghol Ritualist update

1198 Current gear setup

SR 98 - 100

no Buff

with Buff