[] Chaos ravenous apostate mage, Mogdrogen killer , SR 75+


Hello, ever since landed I wanted to try the newly reworked soul catcher and fiend’s resolve together, and I was surprised by the result. The build deals insane damage especially when you stack RE on top of each others and it is also very tanky ( almost impossible to kill ). Another reason why i wanted to play this build is because i never played an Apostate before :slight_smile: .

The build deals decent damage ( highest damage 300k ).
insanely tanky comparable to a vit conjurer.
It is very satisfying to play.
Can facetank garbagol and aleksander’s meteor.
The build sometimes feels squishy outside of Seal of inquisitor to certain bosses.
Some people might not like the playstyle of seal of inquisitor.
Grimtools [] : Apostate, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Updated Grimtools: Apostate, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
The build: www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JYG30N
Lokkar kill

SR 65

Skill look

Mogdrogen kill


Ravenous earth is a pretty strong skill due to its shotgun mechanic which makes it a unique skill. Thank you so much I hope you will enjoy it. :). Special thanks to @tqfan he has his version of Chaos RE. See you next time.


no mark of torment?
No lightning tether for proccing?
Deadly aim at 13/12?
Word of arms transmuter when not using 2H weapon?
Blood boil 13/12?
Two nodes in solemn watcher when you can get +5% OA node in Torch?
Why arcanum dust over Osyr temper augments?



Very sweet! Must be fun to watch mobs collapse under those colors.

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oh i actually have mark of torment in my game and tether i uploaded the wrong link :rofl:


New link still has word of arms…

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should be good now :joy:

No completion bonus on the relic?

Here is my sketch for Chaos RE apostate I was trying to make but sort of gave up farming medal and shoulder, never got any decent suffixes :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V00LaMV less dmg than yours but somewhat tankier/more sustain

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I’m lazy when it comes to completion bonus on relics i just craft one and go with it btw your version is really nice more suited to HC.

But your GT has not completion bonus, didn’t you upload your char to grim tools to generate link?

No i usually upload my character differently btw completion bonus does not really matter in this build since it is tanky and deal decent damage. :slight_smile:

Build Update

Build is still as strong as in the previous patch.

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So you upload chars without completion bonus on relic? GD stash confirmed? :wink:



Changed helmet component to titan plating instead of prismatic diamond.
Changed a bit in skill points distribution.
overall the build is tankier and deals the same amount of damage.

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Added mogdrogen kill

Tried to take the first two nodes in torch for +5% OA and chaos res instead of two nodes in solemn watcher?

The main reason why i did not take first two torch nodes because i would lose cold res

Change a black ash to the rover augment instead.

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Added SR 75

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Look at all the cute OA https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1B7pYZ

Another idea with M combustion band https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnrzBbN

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I tried to use combustion before but i ended up with a scuffed aether and chaos res. I will try your idea for sure since combustion is way better than the memey blue ring that i have :grinning: