[] Deceiver - Elemental Doom Bolt with -100% cooldown (cr, sr 85+, Callagadra)

Hi All,

Deceiver (Occultist+Inquisitor) with 0 sec cd Elemental Doom Bolt as main damage skill.
Build goal: Rare build, beautiful animations, easy gameplay, possibility to close all content including sr 80+ and all celestials.

  • Doom Bolt hasn’t cooldown, has cold+lightning+fire damage and 25% total damage lifesteal.
  • All skill-based, item-based and devotion-based Resist Reductions are Elemental (-28%, -28%, -10%, -32, 20%).
  • 2.8k OA and DA without triggers and consumables (3.5k+/3.1k with), 3.7k Armor, 40% Physical Resist, 46% chance to block 2.5k damage with 45% block recovery, 430 Damage Absorption with Inquisitor Seal and plus 168-568 from Devotion triggers.
  • SR 85 almost easy, ~90 should be possible. Callagadra 90% time facetank, all other Celestials should be easy.

How to equip:

  1. [Conduit of Eldritch Whispers] Amulet with next prefix
    (now Doom Bolt is 100% Cold and has 0 sec cd, but -50% total damage)

  2. [Storm Herald] One-Handed Dagger
    (now Doom Bolt is 50% Cold and 50% Lightning + additional Lightning damage)

  3. [Bloodsworn Sigil] Medal
    (now Doom Bolt is Cold+Lightning+Fire + additional Fire damage)

  4. [The Voidsoul] Set
    (now Doom Bolt has 25% Lifesteal + additional damage and area)

  5. All other items and affixes should boost:
    +% Elemental damage,
    Casting Speed,
    +n to all skills in Inquisitor,
    +n to Inquisitor Seal.

How to play:

  1. Cast Inquisitor Seal on ground and stay into it (430 Damage Absorption)
  2. Cast Curse of Frailty on enemy (-28% target’s Elemental Resistance)
  3. Cast Rune of Hagarrad on enemy (-290 target’s DA)
  4. Cast Horn of Gandarr (if there are a lot of enemies or strong enemy)
  5. Spam Doom Bolt.


GrimTools: Elemental Doom Bolt Deceiver


  1. SR 85 3rd map and boss room:
    Grim Dawn - Elemental Doom Bolt Deceiver - SR 85 3rd map and boss room - YouTube
  2. CR 150-170 ~7 min:
    Grim Dawn - Elemental Doom Bolt Deceiver - CR ~7 min - YouTube
  3. Callagadra ~5 min:
    Grim Dawn - Elemental Doom Bolt Deceiver - Callagadra ~5 min - YouTube
  4. Dummy ~27 sec:
    Grim Dawn - Elemental Doom Bolt Deceiver - Dummy ~27 sec - YouTube

Doom Bolt animation color trick:

Take off\on Amulet = Cold strike

Take off\on Medal = Fire strike

Take off\on Weapon = Lightning strike


you have me curious about the voidsoul there :eyes:
you’re losing 50% of all elemental flats added to doombolt, lose global %dmg on the 4 slots used for set, lose 25% base vitality, in return for 500 chaos and 25% lifesteal
seems like a really big tradeoff?
(-125 fire, -125-300 lightning from global conversion minimum rolled, -400%'ish global dmg using the 4 slots for the set, -234 flat vitality from set conversion)

curious if it was worth it for the lifesteal ? :thinking:

No lifesteal = no life for this build :roll_eyes:
There is no %weapon damage on doom bolt to lifesteal other way and no great hp regen.
But you are right and for this build less elemental->chaos % conversation on voidsoul parts is better.

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Got me wondering just as Gnomish. I tried a cold version with only harbinger helm for life steal. It sucked though…

Interesting idea. Of all the version I tested I didnt think to try going elemental on full voidsoul.

Branching off your idea I would probably try something like this.

obviously you arent going to be doing calla, but CR and sr 75 runs should be a good deal faster…

I think splitting the vit portion further with the medal isnt a good move… the added flat is half converted to chaos. Then you can just focus on cold/lighting

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This is my cold WH bolter from test patch Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
chest and ring have +3 doom bolt. Its very solid


In all opportunity to make assumptions that void soul is bad for elemental build… That thing kills calla and crate soo yeah

i quickly tooled up this Deceiver, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
no idea if 80% of 13%lifesteal + partial converted bat would be remotely enough to keep this thing alive :rofl: - but sage seru :grin: (also dat obliteration RR weave :eyes:)

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I tested obileration weave at one point on warlock because I was lacking procs, but it ultimately was better served just swapping to dw of the lightning dagger, and dropping a devotion proc

nobody was questioning the posted build’s performance?
OP added metrics displaying the build, no one was disputing that
“people’s” (at least mine) curiosity, was if tri ele spam doom bolt might have a “better” approach, since “on appearance” voidsoul seems like a big sacrifice, for what amounts to basically “just” lifesteal in return
so if sustain could be achieved elsewhere/somehow without occupying those 4 slots, it was then a pondering if tri ele spam doom bolt had other/different approaches or improvements
and even if there weren’t, using voidsoul is at the very least so cleverly unorthodox, that’s it’s a curiosity in itself still


Same as you but try to think about other sources of sustain… none seems to be around and build is not about damage per sec. So if it works it works.

At least in my opinion :slight_smile: you are very welcome to have different opinion :slight_smile:

Sorry for previous shitposts! I have been drunk quite significantly… Now as I read the conversation it make more sense to me.


Yes, voidsoul = only lifesteal… and it is huge lifesteal because it is 25% of total DB damage (not like default lifesteal from %weapon damage on skills).
But I think there are no other options to achieve lifesteal for this build. I think may be it will be possible to boost hp regen… May be use Shaman as second mastery instead of Inquisitor and play with more kite and less facetank. So there are should be a lot of options to play with this build, but I’ve created the one that can close all content including Calla and sr80+ almost easy and still has approximately normal dps (<30sec dummy and <8 min cr).
For now I’m working under smth like “highest dps” version (Deceiver, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator). But I don’t know how this build will survive, may be it will be just Dummy-killer :sweat_smile:

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I don’t want to create new topic for similar build. So this dual wield Conjurer has may be x1.5 more damage (18 sec dummy) and survive with regen only, without lifesteal.
It is can complete 80 SR with almost all bosses facetank, I think CR should be <6, and kill Calla with damage-run-damage-run style (may be ~10 min).


i theory craft this one: Deceiver, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
is the stat ok?

A very interesting take, I love it.

I’ve been theorycrafting a Warlock based on that conjurer variant, using 3-piece of Pyran set for regen.

Less RR, but we can spirit dump to compensate.
About as much regen, but we also have Absorb from Maiven’s sphere, mirror, and nullification on a short cooldown to assist too. What do you think ?

I’ve tried Arcanist instead of Inquisitor in facetank version and it was not so good. But for run+regen version Arcanist instead of Shaman should be ok, I think.

OA looks very low. Also I don’t know how it going to survive.

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i think 2k8 OA is not high but still ok. Is it realy low? can you tell me what is the good number?
2k8 DA and 2k armor, 15k health and 600~2k5 health regen, max all resistance damage and 30~40 physical resistance, max stun, petrify, freeze resistance and 20~100 adcth with 80% weapon damage. All that thing can not help my char survivor? I stop play grimdawn a long time ago so the game is that hard now?

no worries. Those are all very decent values you´re describing.

Your link has 2495 OA though