[ -] Vehemence Deniable - Octavius Paladin [sr+][vid]

Hi fellas! :wave:

A little bit late to party, made new builds in previous patch with offline calculator, long-term internet problems :laughing:. Glad they have not turned into pumpkins. Here is one of them, many times reshuffled, but at last finalized - Octavius Paladin.

I know that I said some time ago - I do not like Templars, Paladins and later on - Witch Hunters (no, I rather hate that class :rage:). Does not mean that builds are never devised though. At least one more-or-less stable is enough. Or I cannot call myself a GD player :grin:. Today’s patient - or Paladin family overall - is full of compromises, QoL trades, discarded ideas. All my paladins did not have workable OA/DA, damage, survivability (to my surprise), performed poorly in basic campaign trials :expressionless:. Not good for such ancient class. Maybe I just do not have the knack for them, who knows…

But stop speculating, you are here to see the build :grinning:. And here it is.

1. Grimtools link.

Empyrion devotion tree variant had no stats, especially OA, and sustain, so I discarded it in favor of Chariot+Scales one. The rest is quite standard for Physical builds - Assassin, Bear, Ulzaad, Azrakaa etc.

2. In-game character stats.
general stats, only permanent buffs and WoR are active, Damage Per Second is for RF

damage stats

defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation.
Survivability and skillpoints - these two criteria determined my gear choice (Octavius is so points-starved :roll_eyes:). Here are the items.

  1. Core items.
    Set. Ardor of Octavius. Physical support for our main skills - AoM and RoK, full global Elemental-to-Physical conversion for the rest. It is mostly Internal Trauma oriented, but for our purposes serves well too.
  2. Mandatory items.
    Weapon. War’s Rebuke. For an Epic item it provides solid +1 to All Skills, massive %Armor, flat Health, DA. Proc is whatever. Better than Totally Normal Shield. Additional %AS would be nice, however.
    Amulet. Azrakaa’s Sands. +1 to All Skills, huge %Health, %Max res, great proc, even %CDR. Just take it, nothing is better.
    Ring 1. Ring of the Black Matriarch. A boring Physical RR ring for RF abusers :grimacing:.
    Ring 2. Gargabol’s Ring. +3 to RF, Physical affinity. Look for OA/DA, Pierce/Aether/Acid resistances.
    Pants. Chausses of Barbaros. Their proc is helpful for this speed-starved build, +3 to Shattering Smash is also nice.
    Relic. Serenity. +1 to All Skills, Reflected Damage Reduction (so that we do not fear Reflective mobs at all), circuit-breaker (for Paladins - take as many as you can, based on my experience).
    Belt. Gladiator’s Distinction. Vitality-to-Physical conversion for Scales never gets old, huh? :sweat_smile:
    Medal. Mark of Kalastor. Nice bonuses to RoK, %Stun res, OA, %Armor, proc is a nice addition. Craftable.
    Gloves. Colossal Grasp. Even nerfed they are still BiS for all Physical S&B builds. Its stats are great - damage and defensive, %Phys res, passive ability etc.
    Boots. Earthshatter Treads. Huge Fire/Physical slot with points to RoK, CC res, %Phys res, DA and damaging skill with much needed DR (since I failed with Empyrion constellation).

Craft with Reduced Stun Duration (bonus is provided by Malmouth blacksmith in Steelcap District).

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~85-87% (-25% from GoE aura, -10% from Black Matriarch ring proc, -32% from Assassin’s Blade constellation and flat 18-20 from either Shattering Smash or Scales constellation (when hit)). Not great, just okay. So far no problems against usual SR threats and Nemeses.

4. Gameplay.
AoM → RoK → Seal under yourselves if the fight takes longer than two seconds :grin: → Ground Smash for DR and damage itself. RF as a filler to life-leech. Uptime WoR for healing/its bonuses, Ascension for defense/additional damage. Vire out of danger. If you want more buttons to press, use medal augment. My personal choice is VM only.

5. Videos.
Avatar of Mogdrogen (tough fight, but no healpots/Clusters used, only defensive procs and WoR :crazy_face:. Potions are in the video).

Callagadra instead of Ravager (with running that I call kiting :grimacing:, Aether Clusters to accelerate fighting process. Potions are in the video).



Mad Queen.

Morgoneth (first Nightbringer, by the way :slightly_smiling_face:).

SR 76 full.

Conclusions. The build does not feel safe against big celestials, in other areas it is viable (not slow, not fast). Still do not like Paladins much, but this one I dislike slightly less :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Thank you for visiting my build showcase. Have your questions written, feedback voiced, critique delivered, all is welcome.

Until next time!


This one is for me :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cool build, love me some Octavius. This is the one I made for season 3 of the community league (no league item used though). Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (GD League Season 3 Mod) built to take down the hardest league bosses in hardcore, so probably not as versatile as yours. Just thought I’d share for comparison.

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Nice weapon choice, could be an alternative if you do not mind another button to press :thinking:. How did I miss it?
P.S. I know nothing about community league, but, according to your build, it seems that those bosses punish autoattackers hard :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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Not all of them but one in particular was basically Bullet Hell Uber Loxmere with tons of DoTs. Hence the kiting build with 50% uptime DoT immunity :smiley:

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I started this build, but i don´t get the 8 point order requirement for scales of ulcana in the devotion tree. Is there a way to give a devotion guide? :slight_smile:

check “How to make devotions support themselves” here

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No problem!

  1. Crossroads Order point (Yellow);
  2. Complete Assassin’s Blade constellation;
  3. Complete Lotus constellation;
  4. Complete Owl constellation;
  5. Crossroads Primordial point (Blue);
  6. Complete Sailor’s Guide constellation;
  7. Complete Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak constellation;
  8. Complete Dire Bear constellation;
  9. Complete Chariot of the Dead constellation;
  10. Complete Panther constellation;
  11. Complete Solemn Watcher constellation;
  12. Complete Scales of Ulcama constellation;
  13. Remove Panther constellation;
  14. Remove Order point from Crossroads;
  15. Crossroads Ascendant point (Purple);
  16. Complete Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands constellation.

The topic above linked by @The_Coyote should explain the details. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much, guys :+1:

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How can i start level this build?

I did this. Start with Oathkeeper, melee S&B with Aegis of Menhir as AoE/nuke ability.

  1. Your spam attack - Righteous Fervor - goes to 16/16 or 24/16 (if you get the gear with + to RF), its Consecration modifier - to 12/12 and 1/12 Retribution.
  2. Aegis of Menhir - all points to max level, its Avenging Shield modifier - to 10/12 (to get 4 target bonus) and 12/12 Reprisal.
  3. Summon Guardian of Empyrion - one point, its Celestial Presence - at least 12/12.
  4. Divine Mandate - all points to max level.
  5. Ascension - all points to max level, its Clarity of Purpose modifier - one point.
  6. Resilience - one point.
  7. Presence of Virtue - all points to max level, its Haven modifier - one point and 12/12 Rebuke.
  8. Vire’s Might - one point, its Tectonic Shift modifier - one point.
  9. Safeguard - all points to max level.
  10. Smite and Shattering Smash - 10/10 or 11/10.

Only at ~80 lvl I started investing points into Inquisitor mastery and its generic skills like WoR and Deadly Aim. Almost solo Oathkeeper all the way through vanilla Veteran and part Elite difficulty, it is quite doable. Devotion tree path was mentioned above, only bind Assassin’s Blade to Aegis and Ulzaad to Vire’s Might, since we do not use Rune of Kalastor during leveling process. Use common gear with %Physical Damage, bonuses to RF and Aegis, resistances to not get one-shot. Avoid Physical-to-Something conversion on weapons, shields, amulets etc. Then respec/equp gear at lvl 94. Done!

It is only viable if you have all endgame gear waiting in your stash. If not - use one of Beginner’s Guides to make somewhat usable Oathkeeper-based class to farm totems/dungeons/low SR and so on. And then respec when all gear is collected. Depends on what you have.

Sorry, I am not good at beginner’s guides :slightly_smiling_face:. I hope that at least some of those directions will lead to success. Good luck!

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Thank you for taking the time to answer and it has helped me a lot, it is much more than I imagined.

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Hi! :grinning:

It is time to “update” the build for patch. We are so close to the end!

  • Ardor of Octavius Set: increased Physical damage modifier for Rune of Kalastor to 240 and % Internal Trauma damage modifiers for Aegis of Menhir and Forcewave to 600%
  • Word of Renewal: reduced Cooldown to 12s

No any major changes, so play the build and have fun!