[] Just Another Physical Retaliation S&B Warlord [SR85] [Ravager of Souls] [Callagadra]

Just Another Retal Warlord

Before retaliation gets (perhaps) a few changes with, I wanted to try out an old idea of mine: A physical damage / retaliation hybrid. Most retaliation characters focus on maximising % retaliation damage and flat retaliation damage - partly via conversion from other damage types - and have a rather low conventional damage value. The character I wanted should have relatively strong retaliation damage, but at the same time enough physical damage of its own.

(Spikes were on special offer)

In my (non end-game expert) opinion, the first approach already succeeded relatively well. Although not optimised to the last detail, I think the character is already relatively strong and durable. Crucible was easily possible (in my hands (finished 2 out of 2): 7:00 - 7:30 in 4 buffs / 3 banner runs - for context: my fastest character - a physical AAR battlemage - also takes well over 6 minutes in my hands), Shattered Realms 85 could be reached relatively easily (80 - 84 without death, 2 deaths in 85), and Ravager (of Souls) and Callagadra are also relatively easily killable with pharma, just don’t expect some kind of speed records here. [Disclaimer: no images / video mades, so you either can believe me or not] Well, I guess that this qualifies the character somehow as an end-game build.

The character is in the campaign also relativ friendly to play - two buttons (Righteous Fervor / Blitz) are enough to “walk” from the Conclave of the Three to Korvaak (and no potion was needed).

The Build

all permanent buffs + Overguard / Blade Barricade, DPS shown is for Righteous Fervor

Some Explainations

The character uses the complete Stoneguard set - focused on retaliation and Shattering Smash / Retribution. Zohlan’s Revenge is used to buff Zohlan’s Technique - the bonus to the soldier mastery and retribution are also important. The rest of the gear was chosen to offer % physical damage and retaliation damage (with the exception of the legguards which only provide retaliation damage). Other gear choices are standard for a physical damage characters with shield (Colossal Grasp, Black Matriach). A Gargabol’s Ring (with affixes to get the offensive ability to an acceptable level) and Fleshwarped Pauldrons (with retaliation suffix) are used to maximise Righteous Fervor. The Honor relic was used for the boni but also for the skill. GDStash disclaimer: All gear is maximized, means the best out of several items is used, craftable items were also used to increase slow and freeze resist.

The main attack skill is maxed Righteous Fervor with maxed Retribution. Shattering Smash provides the flat physical resist reduction and is a large damage dealer on its own, Smite works well enough given the physical damage focus, Zolhan’s Technique is buffed by the added retaliation damage, and buffed Markovian’s Advantage brings the AA replacer to 100%. It can be said that here the added retaliation damage compensates for the lack of additional weapon damage in some of the skills. Blitz is used mainly as movement skill and for the defensive ability reduction - to have a high enough probality to crit (and to proc Assassin’s Mark). Rune of the Fallen King is used as movement rune because of the added shield and retaliation damage. A rather large contributor to the damage output is also Vire’s Cascade - it should be used in harder fight as often as possible. Using all skills in rotation will however lead to a slow energy drain which requires the usage of a elixir of spirit from time to time (this was the reason for the testwise two button walk to Korvaak).

The necessary skill points to max Righteous Fervor and Retribution required some compromises, e.g. Counter Strike is not maxed, Safeguard has only got some spare points, Overguard is one pointed, and so on. Other choices are standard for a retaliation AA build, maxed Retribution, Menhir’s Bulwark, Counter Strike, Presence of Virtue and Rebuke. The devotions are a mixture between retaliation and physical damage devotions - Vire, the Stone Matron provides boni to both, Light of Empyrion only physical damage. Both have a on hit proc (fitting for a retaliation build), Light of Empyrion provides an all damage reduction, Fist of Vire has added retaliation damage. Empty Throne and Sailor’s Guide shall help to fix CC resists, Shieldmaiden the effectivness of the shield and retaliation damage, Solemn Watcher is there as defensive devotion and some points from Obelisk of Menhir for defense (armor, DA) and retaliation. Fox is only there for the attack damage converted to health (to have 10% together with the skill from Dread Armor of Azragor).

Concluding Remarks

Somehow I don’t see that this character would need any buffs. It is a very durable and forgiving one, and while not the fastest, it is also not the slowest. The character gets the stuff done and can do quite some of the game content without further adjustments and larger problems. He probably won’t break any speed records, but it is a relatively easy to play build.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Targo’s Hammer is the mightiest devotion for phys retal/hybrid and I can’t believe you just dismissed it.

Did not fit in and was therefore the last devotion dropped before I got the final setup (also does not really fit in the concept as it does not bring any %physical damage) - and a bit surprisingly, it worked well enough without

Good time. Here are the best ways to build this warrior. And with less greenery and, if you take it, more logical shoulder pads. Resist here under the Ravager, don’t be surprised ))

There is a reason why my build has Righteous Fervor at 26/26 and your builds have it at 5/26 - I delibarate followed a different build concept. This is also the reason why my build has less retaliation damage but more physical damage compared to your builds.

That said, I do not claim superiority (e.g. more damage) of the concept behind my build. But I also had no interest in posting the xth “I go full on retaliation” build.


well then, evidence to the studio, where you quickly kill the Ravager, to say that it is better)) but I will immediately say that there will be nothing like this, because it works either for physical damage or for retaliatory damage ))

Like stated, I had no interest in making a build like the ones you have shared. This should be rather obvious as I explicitely stated in the OP “Most retaliation characters focus on maximising % retaliation damage and flat retaliation damage - partly via conversion from other damage types - and have a rather low conventional damage value. The character I wanted should have relatively strong retaliation damage, but at the same time enough physical damage of its own.”

The build deviates from the classical retal builds by design. And for me, the discussion which build perfoms better etc is a rather senseless one - it is also a discussion I am absolutely not interested in.