[] Blood Knight Cabalist - 2H Vitality Bone Harvest + Reaping Arc Cabalist. SR 90 / Ravager of Minds

Hi everyone, another BH build from me. This one is done a by a lot of people, some used Nightbringer aswell and here is my version;

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase.

Images from the game with perma buffs, Soul Harvest and Abominable Might buff

Helmet crafted with slow resist, boots crafted with stun resist.



  1. Why I didn’t go for Dying God route?

Because build had good damage already but it had some vulnerabilities so I needed Scales without giving up from Ghoul and Turtle which was really hard with Dying God so I chose Abominable Might which did cause very little damage loss.

  1. Why Didn’t I used Harbinger of Souls for more AS/CS?

Yes it’s an option, since build use spam RA more AS means more damage but I prefer the tankiness from Possession.

  1. Why Ill Omen instead of RE?

Using Ill Omen with low cast speed build is pretty PITA but it provides much more reliable DR nevertheless you may remove some points from BoD and swap it with RE quite easily.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

SR 90 Complete Run

Ravager of Minds Kill

No changes maded. Used Health, OA, Bleeding resist and Lifesteal pharmas. Added Aether Cluster to skill bar but didn’t need to use.

PS: I couldn’t try Mogdrogen since the character template I used is already killed him but I’m pretty sure build can kill him with lightning resist pharma and some augment changes.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Looking good. I love Bone Harvest blood knight stuff, have one Death knight myself that i can’t get enough of. This is much tankier though.
However, some of your builds are a bit dependent on good greens. Reminds me of my niche builds like my Fire Cadence commando. Also i swear that Korvan Reaping Halberd never (almost) drops with rare affixes. Other Halberds, i have millions of, but not Reaping one.

Thanks. Yes I used double-rare weapons which is pretty hard to get legit nd normally it provides good amount of damage and stats but not in this case. ‘‘of Voracity’’ suffix is just adding 30 flat damage and some Adcth along with attack speed so build can work with Eldritch/of Alacrity aswell. Other greens are not impossible and I had atleast a few of each one of them while I’m grinding but ofc it took 3k hours or so to get all. Including Stoneplate Greaves, which is craftable. Ofc it requires a lot of resources to get all I know; GDstash makes it much more easier, if not I would have spent a long time to farm even to craft the helmet with %12 slow resist and good stats but it’s not impossible, only weapons are(kinda, since I saw people get them legit)

my cabalist is only level 37 using that specter pet nor do I have the Oblivion Mythic relic as the main attack nor the fallen kings augment, whatever it’s called for that one build nor that shield buff resonance something either, anyways ya have a nice weekend after tomorrow to everything else in that same sense too. P.S should I re-spec into the blood knight setup, that build using the specter pet has the clairvoyant gear set which I also don’t have either, GDstash is a good PC tool at least until it comes to PS4/PS5 and the Xbox next gen console I’d won’t be using it either peace.

Okay leveling Cabalist is not my area and you can’t play this style until getting full gear so my best idea for you is to using Drain Essence as main skill until lvl 90, two vitality support from masteries should support it but you’ll have energy problems so go directly to Scales with devotion points. Another option is using pets but I have no idea how to do that. You can also use Ravenous Earth, Sigil of Consumption and Siphon Souls combination and take Wendigo Constellation and bind it to RE for extra lifesteal.

fordperfect thankyou have a good evening to the weekend after tomorrow lol to another week etc. in the same sense too peace.

This might be useful

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is the smuggler on PS4/PS5 and XBX next gen platforms

Game is only on Xbox and yes, of course they are since they’re your storage for items.

thanks was referring to Tq something sent me reply wise so I’d thought I should ask and all, that’s due to the PC GD original version