[] DW Cold Spam ABB Witch Hunter - SR 85ish / Ravager of Minds

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase.

Image from game with perma buffs, PB, BoD and LA buff

Gloves are crafted with stun resist, amulet is crafted with freeze resist.


SR 75-76 Complete Run (With Resistant mutator)

SR 85 Complete Run (With Armored mutator)

Go 0:35 to see Kuba fight. I didn’t do much testing on 85 but even with good mutators Kuba fight takes too long so with bad mutators Fabius & Kuba may be unkillable.

Ravager o Minds

No changes maded. Used health, health regen, OA&DA consumables and 1x Aether Cluster.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


This one got broken fast due to conduit change; best I can do is to replace it with Occultist one with extra %15 Elemental RR but need to check it with GT first.


No rage quitting the game like all pet players did last patch and all retal players this one? :slight_smile: sad

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What happened in general with Retal this patch?

You can read the patch notes like everyone else.

Updated for

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I thought nobody had played Cold spam ABB on the forum for years and I made a build some time ago but I forgot about this thread.
Btw your devotion to melee only never cease to amaze me when you can have maxed out Rune of Hagarrad on Infiltrator for free :wink:
It seems @Nery doesn’t have RoH on Infiltrator even [] The Amarastan Crusher! Spam ABB DW Melee Cold Infiltrator

Anyway, I was checking these ABB spam builds because I was afraid it’s not so popular due to low damage
and I’d like some good filler to help RoH with damage in a Silver Sentinel setup.
Weird this basic bitch RoH + spam ABB Infi similar to the one I’ve linked is nowhere to be found, maybe it’s not worth testing.


Honestly, I don’t remember half of my builds posted and I don’t even drink. :rofl:

Cold ABB/RoH hybrid is pretty interesting idea to test. Other than that one can try acid hybrid Dervish/WH but nothing wrong with “pure” ABB build either.


Build is updated for

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