[Suggestion] Can we get Chaos Damage Converted to Cold Damage added to Olexra's Chill?

After playing around and further refining my Cold/Acid ABB Witch Hunter I noticed that there is a noticeable shortage of Chaos Damage Converted to Cold Damage among all equipment, but particularly if you go for melee Witch Hunter. I wanted to see what other players did with the Chaos Damage from SWF and Possession, so I searched the forum and here are the only two builds I could find:

Both builds have no way to convert that flat Chaos they get from SWF/Possession, whereas my build converts up to 30% to Acid, but none to Cold.

By going for Cold ABB as a WH you have few options to use, so it’s no surprise with the use of Olexra’s Chill. Here are some options I have for this weapon to gain conversion:

  1. Since Olexra’s Chill only supports 3 skills currently and have modifiers to 2, there could be an additional skill to support such as SWF (or maybe BoD). I think something like this would work:

    • +3 to Solael’s Witchfire
    • 20 Cold Damage to Solael’s Witchfire
    • +50% Cold Damage to Solael’s Witchfire
    • 100% Chaos Damage Converted to Cold Damage to Solael’s Witchfire
  2. The other (easier) option would just be to give Olexra’s Chill a global 50% Chaos to Cold conversion. This would force you to use 2 if you want the full conversion though and your Attack Speed suffers as a result…

Seeing that Olexra’s Chill has no Attack Speed, I think the first option is the better of the two as it will make the slower strikes you make hit harder from the added flat and % Cold. Having the conversion for SWF at 100% seems reasonable as it’s only for Occultist-based class combos.

What do you all think? Any other options or equipment you can think of to get more of this conversion?


I agree with both suggestions, though I have one more:
add some attack speed to the weapon (maybe instead of %OA or sth like that).
weapon really needs it.
also mods to ABB could get some lifting as pure cold ABB (on WH at least) is kinda weak today.

in addition, though, I wanna point out that OFF mods of the weapon is kinda useless.
OFF is just a CC-skill, not a damaging one. And if you want to do some overkills, you’d rather take green mace for extra sec duration instead of some flat damage.


Cool idea, might lead to cooldown cold ABB+ Phantasmal Blades Witch Hunter(alternative to reaper or spellbreaker), though I doubt that it will be overpowered or something so any chaos>cold conversion is welcome.

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I think the reason why global Chaos->Cold conversion is so hard to get is because they don’t want you to fully convert Nether Edge. I guess that changed with Galeslice’s Mark, Saboteur has been getting a lot of love as of late.

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