[] (DW Melee) Lady Deathwhisper - Cold ABB Witch Hunter [c+] [sr]

probably no one used Silver Sentinel in such a way
GRIMTOOLS LINK - augments can be replaced with x3 Ateph’s Glare for better damage output and HP.

GRIMTOOLS LINK (alternative)



  • Armor - obvious choice, as the Silver Sentinel boosts our main skill and gives %cold damage;
  • Weapons - have chosen 2 M. Olexra’s Chill to boost ABB furthermore and get more flat cdr and damage;
  • Gloves - flat frostburn, high %AS, mods to ABB;
  • Conduit - for extra toughness, also flat acid is converted to cold;
  • Relic - flat damage, racial damage, total speed;
  • Belt - for extra stun res (prefix), some extra stats.



  • High offensive and defensive stats even w/o buffs;
  • High damage and crits (for WH, at least) - look at this :slight_smile:
  • Dynamic and adrenaline gameplay, even more after getting used to the build.


  • Very low attack speed;
  • Very low HP so don’t be afraid to use pharma if you struggle with it, also this forces you to play more accurate (esp. in SR)
  • Kuba is very hard in SR, so use hit-n-run tactics, chopping her by small pieces.




CRUCIBLE - fastest run of mine (6:30) so far. May be better with better piloting.

Best 6:14 run made by @Slev1n


Special thanks to @mad_lee for min-maxing the build, @Slev1n for recording Crucible video and to all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds can be found here: Afanasenkov26’s Build Collection.


I’m on my phone now, but I’ll be damned if I’m not excited to take a closer look at this. ABB has always been one of my favorite skills

@afanasenkov26: You make the same mistake I do - you’re casting CoF way too much, and that actually lowers your DPS as you reduce the number of attacks you get to squeeze in.

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Yes, I understood that when I was re-watching the video :stuck_out_tongue:

You told me you’re making cold ABB but didn’t expect Witch Hunter for sure!

Nice and creative build. And I love cold DW melee!

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I told you that :stuck_out_tongue:
btw, the idea came to me suddenly and firstly I expected nothing but a meme build.
WH is surely not the best choice but I like it, even more than classic Venomblade (partly because I don’t need to gather stats py pieces).
Also, cold WH is not a common thing at all so why not making it? :slight_smile:

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A cold Witch Hunter that doesn’t suck! Great job, Afanasenkov26.

One thing I don’t get is devotion map. Did you skip Ultos because you needed that DA from Solemn Watcher and attack speed from DG?

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Skipped Ultos because I forgot about him, lol
With dropping Solemn Watcher, taking Ultos and investing all in Physique stats should be ± the same, so will try it

Hey! It’s a long time since you posted it, but i stumbled over it as i was looking for a build for my witch hunter. :slight_smile: Can you explain to me, why you have skilled Blade Spirit, but are not using it? Or are you using it and i just cant see it?

probably it’s a bug, as in my current version I have Blizzard binded to them.

You mean a bug in Grimtools? So you have not skilled it at all? Is the rest correct then?

probably GT bug. in the calc in the OP, though, Bat is binded to blade spirits. anyway, they’re 1-pointers for a bit extra damage.

Ok i think i get it now. You have skilled Blade Spirit, but just for the sake of having the devotion abilities binded to them? Sorry for my dumb questions, but I’m quite new to this game. :smiley: