[] (DW Melee) Lady Deathwhisper - Cold ABB Witch Hunter [c+] [sr]

probably no one used Silver Sentinel in such a way
GRIMTOOLS LINK - augments can be replaced with x3 Ateph’s Glare for better damage output and HP.

GRIMTOOLS LINK (alternative)



  • Armor - obvious choice, as the Silver Sentinel boosts our main skill and gives %cold damage;
  • Weapons - have chosen 2 M. Olexra’s Chill to boost ABB furthermore and get more flat cdr and damage;
  • Gloves - flat frostburn, high %AS, mods to ABB;
  • Conduit - for extra toughness, also flat acid is converted to cold;
  • Relic - flat damage, racial damage, total speed;
  • Belt - for extra stun res (prefix), some extra stats.



  • High offensive and defensive stats even w/o buffs;
  • High damage and crits (for WH, at least) - look at this :slight_smile:
  • Dynamic and adrenaline gameplay, even more after getting used to the build.


  • Very low attack speed;
  • Very low HP so don’t be afraid to use pharma if you struggle with it, also this forces you to play more accurate (esp. in SR)
  • Kuba is very hard in SR, so use hit-n-run tactics, chopping her by small pieces.




CRUCIBLE - fastest run of mine (6:30) so far. May be better with better piloting.

Best 6:14 run made by @Slev1n


Special thanks to @mad_lee for min-maxing the build, @Slev1n for recording Crucible video and to all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds can be found here: Afanasenkov26’s Build Collection.


I’m on my phone now, but I’ll be damned if I’m not excited to take a closer look at this. ABB has always been one of my favorite skills

@afanasenkov26: You make the same mistake I do - you’re casting CoF way too much, and that actually lowers your DPS as you reduce the number of attacks you get to squeeze in.

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Yes, I understood that when I was re-watching the video :stuck_out_tongue:

You told me you’re making cold ABB but didn’t expect Witch Hunter for sure!

Nice and creative build. And I love cold DW melee!

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I told you that :stuck_out_tongue:
btw, the idea came to me suddenly and firstly I expected nothing but a meme build.
WH is surely not the best choice but I like it, even more than classic Venomblade (partly because I don’t need to gather stats py pieces).
Also, cold WH is not a common thing at all so why not making it? :slight_smile:

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A cold Witch Hunter that doesn’t suck! Great job, Afanasenkov26.

One thing I don’t get is devotion map. Did you skip Ultos because you needed that DA from Solemn Watcher and attack speed from DG?

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Skipped Ultos because I forgot about him, lol
With dropping Solemn Watcher, taking Ultos and investing all in Physique stats should be ± the same, so will try it