[] DW Melee Spam Acid ABB Witch Hunter - SR 85 / Ravager of Minds

Hi everyone, another meme build from me. I wanted to use Venomlash dagger for a long time and finally find some use of it. There are two previous setups that’s been tested before 1 and 2 but I think Venomlash + Venomancer Helmet provides better damage than 3 piece Venomblade.

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase

Images from the game with perma + PB + BoD and Lethal Assault buffs

Helmet and Rings are crafted with stun resist, amulet crafted with %physique

:faction_dreeg: GRIMTOOLS:faction_dreeg:

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

Ravager of Minds

No changes maded. Used health, health regen, bleeding resist, OA&DA and lifesteal pharma along with 1x Aether Cluster.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


I won’t say “nice build” since it is Witch Hunter - the most despicable class in GD :grin:. But good job nonetheless :+1:.

ABB is such a weird skill that hits only with offhand weapon even when DW. Did you try Venomlash in offhand, could it be more damaging? Also, Bloody Pox can be used to proc something, I would pick Tainted Eruption (and bind Revenant to SS).

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yes I did, it’s low base damage diminish the ABB tooltip, Amarastan Crusher with %50 physical>acid provides better damage. Although minimum values are almost same, maximum damage value is pretty low with Venomlash.

Bloody Pox is a good proccer among mobs but pretty bad againts single target, atleast with SS tainted eruption has %50 proc chance.

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tainted eruption on Blade Spirits please, so you get dot stacking…