[] Amarasta's Meme Burst - How my dreams were crushed by Amarastan Crusher

So, I hoped something would come out of this idea to make one of my favorite skills itg - Amarasta’s Blade Burst - into a spam.

Nope. Another change turns to a meme. Let me first present the builds and then I’ll explain why. No videos, not worth the grind.

Here’s the setups I tested (crafts with slow res):

So, I knew from the start that ABB - nuke or spam or whatever - is only worth it with full Venomblade support. I also knew that -50% total dmg makes ABB a 115% wpn dmg spam (123% with one Venomblade weapon and 135% at best with Venomancer helmet) which is pathetic for an autoattack even with the best speed and AoE. But I love ABB so much that I made myself believe these problems could be remedied by stacking flat dmg mods to ABB.

But in fact, there are no flat dmg mods to ABB. None that are meaningful. Taking them all makes little difference because they are all halved with no exception… Furthermore stacking attack speed does little for the animation speed which is just slow by default and has not been adjusted for spam.

Verdict is there is no reason in the world to choose ABB spam over any form of dw autoattack with wps which deals more dmg in AoE as well. I don’t know if it was intentionally made into a meme (equipping double Amarastan Crushers makes ABB deal 0 damage so… meme, haha) or just Untested & Released but this cannot stand. ABB deserves RESPECT! ABB spam deserves a DEDICATED 5PC SET!!! :imp: :imp: :imp: That is unless you guys are busy designing a 5th and 6th set for Trozan Sky Shard! :slightly_smiling_face:

And there is another thing… ABB spam sounds like torture.

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I literally burst into laughing when I read your title!!! :joy::rofl:



I will crush your friends in Devil’s crossing! But not today and certainly not with this weapon.

So spamming ABB without the Venomblade set is bad, quite a shocker :rofl: patch? :open_mouth:

just play arcanist looooooooooooooool

Lol, corrected.

Perhaps spam ABB will be good in patch :thinking:

And then you wonder why my eyes roll back into my head whenever you post.

But… I wasn’t even exaggerating! Trozan, Iskandra, Allagast (now more TSS than Box) and Eastern. BTW energy regen weapon augment for elemental got +4% health and the exact same one for acid and vitality got none! What equality? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not counted, it’s epic. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just by looking at this ABB build I think we definitely need another TSS set. Maybe Chaos this time!

Better acid to support conversion conduit. TSS for life!

I am kidding, more power to Nightblade :slight_smile:

Color racist!


I mean, 7 minutes is not bad but the problem is it requires full GDstashed build. What would you suggest then? -45% dmg modified instead? (let’s assume I’m suggesting just getting the no-green version to 7ish minutes average, maybe a bit more. I think the ability to spam freeze enemies means it shouldn’t be lightning fast.

Then a lower damage mod and remove the freeze =P

But then it can’t do 0 damage if you dual wield them :frowning:

That’s what I said on the group message! Pretty sure this wouldn’t be changed :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, more important is how much time does a no green or one green setup get in crucible?

Right, This 7-minute (if lucky) one has 10 rare affixes. The no-green ones I just ran once or twice and died or had to kite and ruin the time. Low-as-hell dmg couldn’t sustain an aggressive spreedrun play. But I guess it would be somewhere at 8:00-8:30 if lucky so not even c+.

What I would suggest is:

  • increase the distance between enemies that ABB can jump (this is for ABB in general)

  • add a substantial weapon dmg mod to the Crusher

  • add a freeze penalty mod to the Crusher

  • increase flat dmg mods on different stuff (forget about radius mods - they’re irrelevant unless point one is implemented)

  • increase animation speed