[] Armarastan crusher ABB spamming witch hunter - whaaaaaaat!?!?!?!? (Thematic build, not SR viable, not a crucible farmer)

Previous ABB spam concept by @ya1: [] Amarasta’s Meme Burst - How my dreams were crushed by Amarastan Crusher

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZROGBvN

Thanks to:

  • @adoomgod for always trying to bring unused items to some level of usability
  • @crate for finally making the ABB spam real


  • This is going to be a short guide, as I’m not sure if people will want to build it seeing that it is by no means a top performing build, but it should be able to roflstomp just about anything in MC, and was tremendously fun to play.
  • It is also tremendously squishy simply because of the nature of acid builds which don’t involve the OK. #sadbuttrue

Itemization/skill point allocation

  • Goal here was to hardcap…ABB, LA, BoD, and AoTG
  • Because of the modifier from iceskorn gloves, I’ve come to value hardcapping merciless repertoire. It translated into a huge damage increase
  • All said and done, you have no flex in the items except for maybe the affixes on the kuba pants. Anything which fixes resists (and stun res!!!) is useable


  • Abominable might + Yuugol is the fairly obvious go-to tier 3’s here.

Expectations in crucible:

  • It is possible to clear crucible with 4 buffs + 1 banner. But I wouldn’t advice it. It’s risky. I have a 70% success rate with it. With the huge power spike monsters have had recently, even father kymon can one shot you with his chest-fire-shotgun

Hope ya’ll liked it!


Funny, you’re the second player after Ya, who banged heads against the same wall. Amarastan crusher is not melee, but meme build. It will be really cool if the concept works. Nevertheless it’s nice that you tried it!

@nery - Mind linking me ya1’s?

Here you are! [] Amarasta's Meme Burst - How my dreams were crushed by Amarastan Crusher

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Runs better now, @ya1. The -50% damage modifier on ABB made it unusable initially. But now, it can actually dish out damage.

Problem is survivability. Might be better with the dervish, because all acid builds not using the OK is automatically subpar.

I know, it’s better now. Flat dmg mods are not as useless as before. Which is why ABB conduit is a strong contender. Also, tankiness… But Peslilence is a beautiful amulet, hard to drop.

Some devo suggestions… Revenant is a must, Scorpion and Tainted Eruption are acid defining procs. With five craftables you can drop Sailor for Eel, and then Jackal for Rat, Spider for Scorpion, Manticore for Revenant. You’ll get Tained Eruption and 2 extra points for 20+5% oa from Torch.

Also, no SS is waste of time on approach.

Medal rune, Dreeg Vector is double worth it. 130 oa shred, extra DoT, kinda decent, too.

I’d also save 10 points from AotG and push nightblade mastery to get core stats and Nightfall to make SS a good proccer. Put some points in CoF so that the radius is at least as big as your ABB to make sure everyone is RR-ed just with one click.

But Revenant, most importantly. With 16% adcth you’re practically unkillable with multiple enemies as long as you spam. Better than old Agrivix, adcth-wise.

pestilence has chaos/acid conversion. Probably BiS IMO, especially with new abomination.

Scorpion isn’t necessary because of flat DA shred from shoulders.

Agreed on tainted eruption and revenant. Maybe this? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWOkqGV

I took sailor’s guide initially because I was trying to do naked. Freeze res is very important here as well. Esp. against new/improved enemies.

Right, the shoulders do give some da shred. But I’d still go for those 2 nodes of Torch. It’s over 150 oa. And a poem for you:

For for naked dreams,
you need more greens.

Also, the number of proccing skills is limited but Rat could go for Fiend…

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Last I checked you can just replace one venomblade weapon + rest of the set with the crusher and do okay but this build is neater.

I enjoy the weapon regardless of its performance in end game content :slight_smile:

Don’t let madame spanks hear about this

@ya1: I’ll check this out over the weekend maybe. Might be inactive this coming week for a bit. Unyding oath is huge though, massive amounts of flat damage on it, especially with cold modifier to PB

2nd EDIT: Before I go back to bed - PM me if you want the character file should you be curious, I’ll PM it to you tomorrow or something

And if your build still isn’t Crucible cleaner
It needs to become more greener
To be able to clear the entire screen
You need to be dressed entirely in green

Agreed. This one is something else. I tried Venomancer pieces on the dervish once but that wasn’t clever. Occultist is needed to properly use that chaos to acid.

I propose: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Bn3zD2. With all 5 crafts with slow res.

I think I got all those pieces GDS-farmed. But ok. Send.

I think for even bigger flat, you can try 2 piece dreeg set (amulet+shoulder) and deadly means belt; then softcap that second rite. Chaos provided by solael’s witchfire is not that much to convert in my experience.

Also, dreeg amulet have a really sweet proc. I got 6:20 clear times without banner in my venomblade + 2 pieces dreeg witch Hunter, but still quite hard to make it consistent in this new cruci.

@thejabrixone: Abomniable might is too big to give up + phys/acid conversion + acid RR

EDIT: Still worth a test though

I agree with Spanks. Points are scarce even as is. Changing to Dreeg amulet is -1 to occultist. Deadly Means is -3 to LA and AotG. Dreeg proc is great but it doesn’t look like it’s worth switching focus from chaos to acid to vit to acid (especially with Abomination and Eye of the Guardian).

But idk… How did you pull off full VB with wps and everything with 2pc Dreeg set and oathkeeper belt? Where did you take the points from? And da???

How good id Occultist conduit with -15 RR to bloody pox? It doesn’t have OA or DA, but will still give you valuable RR and + Occultist is desirable stat, no?

I use only execution for wps, and the rune of vampiric shadows for additional damage n heal. Quite nice, but witch Hunter don’t have any defense against madqueen, so often dead in 162 if you are not fully prepare. Especially because the build got so many projectiles based proc.

BTW, haven’t thought about abom. I’ll try it in my VB witch Hunter, because of dreeg set, I also have a big conversion for chaos. Will check it after I’ve done min-maxing my secret build

EDIT: sorry, I missed your Devo because I cannot see it in Mobile. :sweat_smile:

Yeah. Abom is quite overlooked in many acid builds. Don’t forget flat chaos from possession too

@Nery: conduits are probably best in defense here. One less skill to cast is DPS again too. But don’t forget that ABB uses offhand %WD. Which is why phys/acid conversion here is big because base damage of crusher is a lot bigger than dagger.

But it’s mosrly the chaos/acid conversion which wins it over for me. Better guardian gaze, and better flat

@ya1: I’ll send you the character file when I’m back from th hospital

Ear pain? The sound of ABB spam can be quite unsettling… :wink:

Conduit is quite strong here. Since the all damage penalty was lowered from 50% to 18% it gives over 55 acid. Flat acid you get from the 25% conversion times all chaos flat (100+ from occultist, 100- from Abomination) times 200% wpn dmg times dmg penalty is equivalent to about 80 acid to ABB but not 100% uptime… But then there’s Eyes devo, and the radius, and +1 occu (better than +1 to nightblade since you don’t wps), and the conduit res, and the %acid, and the very important here crit dmg… Decisions… I went for the conduit on the dervish due to res when not greening.

Anyway, what’s the crucible time??? IIRC 163 can seriously slow this build down.

Spanks, show us the current DPS sheet in the game with LA+Abom please.

Also, if you test it with dummy, does spam ABB really scale with attack speed? Like how many hit per second?

I ask this because 1H Blade arc doesn’t seem to scale well with attack speed because of the long animation.