[] Octavius's Honor - S&B Octavius Templar - CR 4:45ish / SR90 / Ravager of Minds / Crate of Entertainment

Hey guys! This is the first time I earnestly post a build here. Getting kinda bored of Warlord, I decided to try something else that probably has not been reported before. This one is super tanky in CR (hardly any potion or pharm is needed) and also of good damage. Hope you enjoy this.

Images from the game with perma buffs and RF stacks
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Octavius set provides a huge amount of global flat trauma damage and shild flat trauma damage, making Rune of the Stromtitan quite deadly.

A small update:

:shield: Grim Tools :shield:

OA stack will help to achieve even higher damage.

:shield: Old Version :shield:

Hardly any shortcoming. One thing that matters is low freeze resist, so craft bouns should be freeze resist. Super high Trauma Damage toghther with very good global crit damage contributes to the extraordinary damage.

CR Run(Old Version)
5:04 with bad mutator sets.

SR 75-76 Complete Run(Old Version)
5:27 for single run(no short room). 6:35, 6:03 and 6:29 for 3 runs straight.

SR 90 Complete Run(Old Version)
No death and within time limit.

Ravager of Minds(Old Version)
1:24 no pharm facetank.

Crate of Entertainment(Old Version)

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Pots are used in the video (not that it matters) :stuck_out_tongue: Very good build, damage is indeed surprisingly high (for me at least).

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It seems that I forgot to add an Augment on the axe, didn’t I? :thinking:

The save file you sent me doesn’t have it indeed :laughing: