[] Physical Retaliation Warlord / All Celestials / SR 75+

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Not as much of a guide but more of a showcase/quick guide thing for my build.

Make sure to craft and convert until you have the entire stoneguard set.
(I would level with forcewave until I can use stoneguards to save time)

If you are stubborn enough to level with retaliation from the start be prepared to get humiliated by ranged and caster enemies until you get fist of vire

When making a new character to send over all faction mandates, potion of clarities, iron bars and ultimate merit to make your leveling experience as smooth as possible for a new character

I put alot of points into cunning just to boost my raw physical damage so that I dont have to rely solely on my retaliation damage

I’ve set up my devotions in such a way to deal as much damage as possible with my build.
You can alternatively go for a extremely tanky setup with muliple shields / leech alternatives instead but your damage output will be much lower.

Added a leveling section for my steam guide. (Input is very much appreciated)

Overguard when in danger
Ascension when you want more damage
hit enemy with righteous ferver very hard

Thanks Mad_Lee for the current build/setup


Come on, you almost caught up with me.
Anyway, try this: Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Hows the clear speed with that?

Haven’t tried it in v1.1.9.7 because I’m now in love with Octavius set, but I guess it’s 5:15 to 5:30, according to my knowledge.

alright let me know

why not use crafted gloves

Gloves is a item slot that i’ve not put that much focused into yet. The ones im using right now are mainly a placeholder until I can get/craft something desirable

Added some images and updated the grimtools link.

Updated with two new videos Lokarr and Ravager kills.

SR 75 cleared without any issue

Took about 5 tries to defeat Callagadra with essential potions / elixirs used. RNG was not exacly on my side on the failed attempts

I’ve added a level section on the steam guide, link is in the first post.
I’d very much like input on it


The Steam guide link is dead :frowning: