[] SSF Physical Eye of Reckoning Warlord | leveling and beginner build | HC friendly

50 level so far, quite strong. Almost too strong! Thanks for the effort.


Loving the guide tqFan… so much great information to help with the decision making when levelling.

I do wonder about the following point under Devotions though.

Shifting Sands (bind like in GT)

I just bound it to EoR, but am curious what GT means?

grimtools - the build linked in the opening post.

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Wow. Crazy fast response! :slight_smile: … Ofc, that makes complete sense. Thank you @medea_fleecestealer

That’s a good binding too, especially on bosses when Guardians already procced Assassin’s Mark, you proc Shifting Sands better than them.

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Thank you for the brilliant guide! Just a question about weapons. Would Cruel Edge Cruel Edge - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database and its empowered version fit even better with this build because of the elemental to phys conversion? I know you kind of made it a point to use farmable common items to make the build friendly, but I found the empowered version and was wondering if you could explain the game mechanics that would help determine which would be a better fit. Based on the tooltip, EOR would hit for a bit more but my DPS would drop by almost 1k per weapon but I don’t know if the tooltip is very reliable. Sorry for the long question but I’m such a noob and get a headache along wth a dopamine rush when a new shiny item drops that I compare to what I have.

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  • I think I’d use such weapons (blues with conversion) too. It’s true I didn’t consider them for the reason you mentioned.

  • Reminder: but at level 75 you get low level Beronath which gives 100% conversion so then you don’t benefit from more conversion on other items

I wouldn’t rely on the tooltip indeed. Maybe you could test the DPS with DPYes program. Or just feel which weapon is better while fighting some enemies. If there doesn’t seem to be a difference, then I wouldn’t spend too much time on it since these are temporary. In general I focus on damage conversion primarily when theorycrafting.


Sounds good, I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks again for the guide, it’s so well put together and I’m having such a good time just zooming through what would otherwise be very tough fights!

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