[] The Dreadmaster - DW Dreadweaver Cold Blademaster. SR 90(ish) Ravager of Minds

Hi everyone, another meme idea from me. We all know Deathmarked Blademaster with Executioner’s Judgment, which was kinda disappointing to me back then but should be better with monster resist changes, nevertheless that build was too squishy for me. Anyway I was thinking cold builds after the monster resist changes and came up with this.

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase.

Images from the game with perma buffs, Deadly Momentum and Lethal Assault buffs

Helmet crafted with Slow, Gloves crafted with freeze resist.


SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

Go 4:20 to see Kuba fight

SR 90 Complete Run

This level is a bit hard for the build, death is inevitable and Kuba is not killable with %100 succeed rate.

Ravager of Minds Kill

No changes maded. Used Vitality,Acid, Fire,Cold, Lightning, Bleeding resist pharma aswell as Health, OA, Armor and Lifesteal. Added Aether Cluster on the skillbar but didn’t need it. Fight was easier than I expect so maybe it can be done with less pharma aswell.

Thanks for reading, any commen & feedback is welcome


You’re on a roll ! :slight_smile:

Does it feel like cold damage is back on par with other damage types to you ?

I’m not a CR speedster but yes it is imho. Though some previously buffed archetypes might require nerfs. Chillwhisper is probably one of them and Blade Spirit buff could be reversed. Cold TSS builds should also be checked to be sure. I’ll test Cold Blitz and FW soon, retest some of my existing cold builds aswell but there’s probably too much time before we get so folks can enjoy breaking new CR records with cold caster builds.

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Anyone tested Korba, to your knowledge ?

Afaik only Lee and Banana are frequently test builds since the patch release and I saw no Korba in their youtube channel and I don’t like Korba that much to prioritise :stuck_out_tongue: Cold Rimetongue is also doing good times as I see.

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Cold Spirits w/o Chillwhisper (or in general non-bleed Spirits w/o mods) were too weak imo (not sure about now). If you find Chillwhisper too strong, then nerf it not the skill itself. One of the reasons why my recent Cold Caster Infi maxes Shadow Strike and 1p Blade Spirits despite having full Pierce conversion.

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I have played quite some Korba since the patch and it is really good. Damage wise might be one of my best dw builds atm, and PB buffs give the build comfortable OA:DA which was an issue before

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Well I didn’t test it by myself but saw this one so you might be right about spirits alone.

Found Korbas;

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I take it that Korba is now at least meta now. Thanks for finding that

Yeah, Chillwhisper looks strong but fragile.

The Korba Trickster is pretty dope but the “little thin” Chillwhisper with 14% Phys res is probably not a not a good all-rounder. Well maybe it is but I think a variant tested in a Top 20 thread fashion would be better to look at.

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Chillwhisper is insanely squishy. Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator While playing this build yesterday -after quite some time- at SR75, some Reaper of Souls literally one shot me, as in 100% to 0% with one basic attack. I had -15% Hp modifier but i was shocked. And my build has some defensive layers + health, unlike the ultra squishy glass cannon that is on one of the above videos.

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well it’s going to be like that if you have 8% Phys res - actually less than the one in the video
I have this build with 46% Phys to test: Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

(before someone asks about Vit → Acit - you low roll it, high roll Vit → Cold on 2 other items which are then also multiplicative with skill mod’s Vit → Cold → that in the end makes it not so bad)

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The one on the video has zero hp and armor (without those buffs) or circuit breakers though. So the 4-5% ish phy res mean nothing.
My point is, the set is very squishy itself and if it is to be nerfed for whatever reason, it should probably be it’s AoE, but then it needs a big compensation on defense.

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I wonder if you can fit Fleshwarped Casque on this one.

It’s possible, but I tested that helmet with Bleeding Warcry conduit and %50 WD doesn’t provide much damage so I doubt it worth losing perma DR.

  • Fleshwarped Casque: increased Cooldown Reduction modifier for War Cry to -3s and added 100% Physical damage modifier for Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange
    Now it is equal to Warborn one.

warborn has +1 soldier tho, can’t beat that… skill points are scarce… especially in soldier mastery. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I missed that change! So yes, it can be replaced with Warborn Helmet, though skill points are a bit tight.

Instead of buffing the skill devs just made an item that makes it usable. What a ingenious move :crazy_face:.

Yes, should have written “in DR department”. Losing +1 to Soldier requires some gear swap.

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Replacing Nidalla with Serenity solves the problem. Blademaster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator losing small %damage, relic proc and some DA that’s all; not sure how War Cry damage will be though but having extra circuit breaker would be worth the %damage loss, proc wasn’t so crucial.