[] The Revenant King - 2H Ranged Vitality Oppressor - All Celestials, SR90, Cr 6:13

This is a 2h vitality ranged oppressor based around Mythical Soullance weapon and Crown of the Revenant King helm.

This build has been on my back burner for a while, but the passthrough changes a couple patches ago as well as major buffs to the weapon finally made it viable. Went back to it and polished it a little; results are shown below.


Soullance Oppressor stats

Soullance Oppressor RF damage

DA and physical resistance are both comically low, but this is compensated by insane lifesteal + large health pool. Smart use of Mark of Torment is needed for tougher fights: with the skill mod from the gun, you can tank pretty much anything when it’s up.

**Skills and Devotions**

Skills are pretty straighforward. Hard cap Smite and Necrotic Edge since those are the wps with passthrough. 1 point in Reaping Strike is enough to reach 100% wps chance.

Ascension uptime isn’t too bad since gun has good cdr, we can max it and use Call of the Grave at the same time for increased crit damage.

For devotions, I picked Scales over Revenant for flat rr since we need movespeed more than atk speed and the skill proc scales well with a 2h weapon. Also went Abom over Dying God since we can convert part of the flat chaos damage. The rest is pretty much the cookie cutter stuff you’d expect from a 2h ranged build.

  • Weapon: Mythical Soullance for +2 all skills, cdr, MoT mod, atk speed, a good chunk of health and elemental conversion.
  • Helm: Crown of the Revenant King for the powerful conversion skill mods and elemental to vitality conversion.
  • Chest: Azragor is all we need, flat damage and physical resistance.
  • Amulet: Bolvar is BiS, try to get flat damage on the prefix. Rotgheist also works.
  • Rings: One signet of the fallen for flat damage and rr proc. Second ring has to be Gargabol to reach 9th charge on Righteous Fervor. With any flat physical/elemental/vitality prefix and a vitality suffix, this is a much better pick than Signet of the Damned.
  • Medal: Namadea provides insane flat damage and is needed to reach 100% elemental to vitality conversion. Ideally, you’d want Oppressor’s prefix for RF bonus on this, but this is virtually impossible to get.
  • Gloves: If you manage to get a bonus to RF on the medal, then the BiS option is Valguur for more chaos to vitality conversion. Otherwise, Gauntlets of Ignaffar are needed to reach RF 9th charge.
  • Belt: Lunal for +1 necro, chaos conversion and stun resist.
  • Relic: Meditation, what else?
  • Pants and Shoulders are there for Soul Harvest bonuses. Try to get good resists and stun resist mods.

Quick 2 min Mogdrogen kill: Soullance Oppressor vs Mogdrogen - YouTube
2 min Ravager kill, messed up the timing on MoT once or twice pls ignore that Soullance Oppressor vs Ravager - YouTube
Sloppy Crate kill: Soullance Oppressor vs Crate - YouTube
Callagadra kiting snoozefest: Soullance Oppressor vs Callagadra - YouTube (Just don’t get hit)

**Shattered Realm**

Decent SR75-76 farmer: Soullance Oppressor SR 76 (chunk 3 + boss room) - YouTube
A bit squishy, but it’s possible to do SR 90 rather quickly without dying if you play smart: Soullance Oppressor SR 90 - YouTube


Sorry for shit piloting: Soullance Oppressor Crucible 151-170 - YouTube

**Leveling guide**

Do yourself a favor and level this as melee with a Korvan Reaping Halberd.

**Why not use 2x Gargabol's Corruption instead?**

If you play dual Gargabol, you lose the elemental conversion from Soullance and you have to give up Namadea’s medal to be able to dual wield, thus you’ll barely convert the cold damage from Necrotic Edge and Soul Harvest which isn’t ideal. You also lose the cdr from Soullance and the MoT mod which makes the build even squishier. Perhaps it is still more damage but I haven’t tried it.

But most importantly, you won’t be able to hear the best gun sound in the game.

I think that’s all.



Great build! :+1:

As an alternative I suggest Runesinged Handguards (+2 to RF and %DA - if you need it :laughing:). Ignaffar ones and Valguurs are more damaging though.

Big thank to OP, and luckily enough i have all required gears to make this my best char ever. I made about 5 chars all with very promising endgame but end up squishy and got one-shot over and over (my poor purifier DW ranged dagallon has over 360 deaths).
Since making this oppressor its been much more relaxing and dominating gameplay. I can achieve my first crate & ravager kills in life as well, without any oilment cos im poor on resources.
my setup is a bit different but follow quite close to grimtool provided. i prefer Oleron’s blood to reduce boss damage and seems like it work wonderfully. here is my toon: Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
actual in game stats are higher with 34% life steal, 19% physical res. low OA/DA but i think it works. grim internal showing dps range from 700k~1.3m dps. 22k HP with 1k7 come from that shoulder alone 0_o
thanks again hopefully i can make another char as strong as this

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In my humble opinion it’s good for grp play than solo play due to the squishiness of your build in higher SR’s that’re past the ones that you’d mentioned peace.