[] UPDATED: **SR 210** Knights of the Eternal Realm - More info coming soon...!

Haha! We joked about, wondering if SR 211 would have Arcane Healer versions of Moosilauke for every trash mob in each chunk… xD

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Can I ask 1 curious burning question, what nemeses did u guys stumble upon? I highly doubt there was fabius or grava for that matter? Either way gg, well done. :crossed_swords:

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Thank you! We’ll release a video soon showing the details soon!

As a hint - We didn’t fight Grava at 210, but he did spawn at 200 and we did beat him then.

mind sharing ur builds?

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They’re in the OP though might have been changed a bit.

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yeah thats why i asked, i assumed they are tweaked a bit

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I was asked to post this -


Need to update the thread title as well. Bring it up to date. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yep! We’re just gathering screenshots, videos and all of that. Maybe I’ll update a “More info coming soon” in the thread. I’ll share the latest builds/versions as well very soon :smiley:

Builds coming soon…!

Tbh, what a lot of 210 feels like:



(proper vid coming soon)


Big gg guys! Waiting for the legit push xD. Lets keep in mind this run [ -] Team Deep SR 160 - 208 [Videos] - #124 by Duskdeep86

Quick teaser. Here’s what not to do. :smiley:

One thing we found when we were climbing to 210 was that, Moosilauke from ~ SR 160+ or 175+ was just an instant reset. Fighting him at SR 175 is harder than fighting Grava at 200. So when we spent an hour or so getting to the boss room in 210 only to find Moosi staring at us all like “:3”, we knew we’d have to have a do-over from the beginning… xD


Love how Moos, Benn and Fabius become nasty in high SR given that they are some of the weakest Nemeses in the main campaign.


Any info on Minerva’s Pet conjurer? I saw all the others linked in the OP.

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Minerva Will be posted in March 2023. I’m finalizing the few things that I need for the post to be up to my standards.

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Awesome thanks! I don’t know that I’ll ever try to put together a team, probably not, but I really enjoyed reading your story. Good music in the videos, too.

Any news on Minerva? I am really interested in your build. :slightly_smiling_face:

at this point, even a no-context grimtools link would be fine.

it’s september but where is Minerva ?