[] UPDATED: **SR 210** Knights of the Eternal Realm - More info coming soon...!

Look at these absolute mad lads and/or mad ladies playing at the absolute peak of what is humanly possible in the year of our lord two thousand and twenty-one with screen shake still enabled.

Big congrats on the SR186 clear!


Hi again, have you considered throwing in to the party a tanked out spellbinder or battlemage (or anything else with arcanist your party needs) based on Mageslayer set. I’ve been playing with this set lately on a mage hunter and was able to solo 85 through 90 with stats like 10% phys res and 2.5da.

Freeze res does not scale up with the shards, and OFF takes most bosses out of commission for 2 seconds on a 5s (or better) rotation. Even with Unstoppable mutator there’s still enough freeze to give maneuvering room. Some things are immune (Moose) but those things are often alt+f4 anyway.

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Now do it on HC! >=P

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Ahahahahahahah-- : |

…no thank you… : |


There have been some Mageslayer + cooldown proc freeze builds that have been able to solo deep into SR by themselves (depending on the boss room), so it’s not a bad idea. In that, it could be memey fun to make a team of Mageslayer Freezers, to completely ice up the world constantly. Again, we’d suck vs Moosi, but it might make for a fun time :smiley:

If we were to build around Freeze resistance, then likely our tank/frontline might also use Luminari set for an additional -20% freeze resistance reduction. It could be an interesting idea.

In the “original post” above, you can see in the youtube link that we decided to take on Aleks and Moosilauke at SR 175, so even though they’re really, really hard to fight, we try to find a way to do it if we have the time. :slight_smile:

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Thank you A_S00! :smiley:

…In screen shake we trust…

The 4th build on the team was specifically chosen as a spellbinder for the same reason that you state. While it’s not a “tank” it’s by far one of the most resolute caster’s (I & Ben) have built that has wonderful DA, armor, etc.
As the team is physical based we both leaned pretty hard on that by going 4 full damages 100% condensation to that damage type.
Technically there is no need for a tank on the team in its current state but the additional damage is by far more valuable.
Building a Team as a cohesive unit is by far more challenging than any single build but it’s by far more rewarding!
Having seen your builds in the past I’m sure that you’ll be able to build a strong team~

@A_S00 in screenshake we trust~

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Wellp, they beat the game.

As for me…


Guess it’s time to add a few more shards to SR then. :wink:

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Haha! We joked about, wondering if SR 211 would have Arcane Healer versions of Moosilauke for every trash mob in each chunk… xD

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Can I ask 1 curious burning question, what nemeses did u guys stumble upon? I highly doubt there was fabius or grava for that matter? Either way gg, well done. :crossed_swords:

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Thank you! We’ll release a video soon showing the details soon!

As a hint - We didn’t fight Grava at 210, but he did spawn at 200 and we did beat him then.

mind sharing ur builds?

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They’re in the OP though might have been changed a bit.

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yeah thats why i asked, i assumed they are tweaked a bit

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I was asked to post this -


Need to update the thread title as well. Bring it up to date. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yep! We’re just gathering screenshots, videos and all of that. Maybe I’ll update a “More info coming soon” in the thread. I’ll share the latest builds/versions as well very soon :smiley:

Builds coming soon…!