[] Warborn RF Siegebreaker Oppressor | Crate + Calla + Ravager in less than 5 minutes | HC friendly


  • no Gargabol’s ring needed now since you can reach 24 Righteous Fervor without it
    so any ring with good resistances is fine

  • more damage from investing into Smite (credit to Mad_Lee) results in faster 1.36 Ravager naked kill

  • if you have troubles with resistances (i.e. no Elemental or Poison res from Serenity’s crafting bonus)
    then feel free to invest into Ulo devotion instead of Solemn Watcher Grim Tools

  • OP looks bad - no colors / font sizes for now - I’m hoping it will be fixed

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1:51 Callagadra with Physical SB Warborn Oppressor
no Cluster used but other than that full stack :syringe::syringe::syringe:

Hi, if Serenity has poison resistance bonus, what augments and components should I use?

I think this would be the best Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

  • one Ugdenbloom in the belt changed to Spellscorched Plating to get more ELemental res
  • one Arcanum Dust to get a bit more Elemental Res

Also in all links I changed today the [Head, Pants] components from [Runestone, Scale Hide] to [Living Armor, Ancient Armor Plate] for Armor and OA

I will put links depending on Serenity rolls in the OP soon. I think all links will have 2 Arcanum Dust now :thinking:

:+1: :+1: :+1:

“necrotic edge” truly is a kind of outcast skill… almost no body uses it apart from using it with leviathan or something when it gets some modifiers at least. :neutral_face:


I had 1p but now with other WPS maxed it would lower their percentage by 1% - 2%. Maybe not a biggie but it’s supposedly has low animation. And I needed this 1 skill point for skill window to look more ascetically pleasing.

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I tried to play this build to farm SR, and it goes well except against Grava’Thul in chunk 1. It is more difficult than 1 on 1 fight in chunk 4, since it’s harder to avoid getting debuffed. Is there anything I can do to improve this? Thanks.

well I think now the build should be able to kill Grava before he nullifies you :thinking:
try to kill him as fast as possible next time. Was barely able to do that before the update already.

also you could upload your character to Grim Tools - your particular character - so that I can check if you didn’t miss something

besides… “it’s a skill issue” - you need to recognize when Grava is about to Nullify you and after he spawns the balls, make them hit some obstacle and disappear

Thanks for the help. I agree that it’s a skill issue. My build is exactly the same as the one you posted (Imposing / Alacrity Gargabol ring, Serenity with poison res, same components / augments and devotions / skills / attributes distribution). The build won’t die instantly after being nulllified, but It’s not easy to continue to fight without buff. Currently I have to retreat to a safe place to rebuff, and go back to kill more minions. I’ll try to dodge the nullification ball next time. :handshake:

No Greens

  • Elemental / Acid res are 5% higher in
  • no important Serenity completion bonus
  • DA / Armor took a hit by taking Ulo for resists,
    the first one can be increased by ~100 with 1 more Arcanum Dust + Omen

Looks great :+1: But 22/10 Reaping Strike?

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Try lowering it

I saw it one-pointed, still looks awful :smile:. Some gear swap is needed. Maybe boots?..

After trying tqFan’s new adjustment. I can say one thing - this build is my fav. and main for SR farming. I really enjoy this build with my heart. thank you

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in-game it’s 20, don’t forget GT is only an approximation :stuck_out_tongue:
boots are very good regardless

@tqFan , how did you go about leveling this character?

well I don’t have a leveling guide but you could use this one but use my devotions
[] Budget Physical Melee Dual-Wield Righteous Fervor Oppressor

I appreciate the link, thank you

This little cannonball is so fun to play, thanks a lot.

For anyone looking for levelling tips, it’s also pretty fast and fun to just go full on skelemancer until 94 (also very HC friendly).

My question is if this guy has any weaknesses I might have overlooked against specific mobs? I would hate to loose this char by stepping on a landmine by accident.