[] (elemental+bleeding, Bysmiel pet conjurer, No Green Item, all-superboss killer)

Original build: https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-9-8-1-1-8-x-awesome-powerful-die-hard-superboss-killer-conjurer-elemental-bleeding-bysmiel-pet-conjurer-no-green-item/111923

This version of Conjurer have achieved a pretty significant upgrade after some very small changes in my original version.
In other words, I used some other components including the Eldritch Mirror component,
and added a little more skill point to Resistance Reduction.
There are no changes to the devotion.

However, the results were surprising for such a small change.
Despite the small changes, I saw time savings of 10% or more on all Superbosses, and over 30% on Mogdrozen.

Skills/Equipment/Devotion: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4Vxx6Q5V
Play video: https://www.youtube.com/@choisk0103/videos

All of my Conjurer’s and Pets’ resistances are sufficient.
Only the Conjurer’s “chaos resistance” and the Pets’ “bleed resistance”
are very slightly insufficient.
Furthermore, the seemingly low DA 2655 is always compensated by the 330 OA cut (in devotion) made by 2 ravens + other things, so my conjurer’s actual DA is over 3000.

You are my true admirer, when you don’t use super rare items but instead use your clever distribution of skills, devotions, and components to get the best performance.

Please let me know if you have any improvements to this conjurer particularly in terms of skill points allocation.

Also, if you know of a build of the “Pet Conjurer without the green items” that performs better than this one and kills all the Superbosses,
please let me know. I’d love to hear about it.

If you add an another “Eldritch Mirror” to the head armor, and accordingly adjust the resistance and lower body component…you’ll see the following results…
These results were obtained in only 2 attempts after adding another additional eldritch mirror. In the upcoming patch version 1.2, almost everything on my conjurer will be buffed, so the time reduction for all Superbosses will probably be over 30 sec seconds.

skill/equipments/devotion: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1d5gP2

Here, my conjureror latest ver 3.0 due to Game version


Fyi, the pets on that offhand are basically worthless, did you try any of the MI off hands for hound/briar/primal spirit, or trying to avoid all greens?

I’m not an English speaker, so I don’t understand what you mean by “the pets on that offhand”. Are you saying to use “Monster Infrequent (MI) item”? In the text, I said that I want to actively avoid using green items (= super rare MI).

World Gate pets on the offhand, they attack once a second for very low damage

You’d be better off with even non-pet affixed green off hands with bonuses to any of your pets

I understand now. Thanks for the advice. I thought that since Worldgates are stationary pets that can’t move but do get a pet bonus, their attack speed would naturally be as fast as their pet bonus. As you say, if Worldgates don’t get a pet bonus at least for attack speed, then this is most likely a bug. It would be sad if the game makers didn’t fix this bug, but replacing that caster accessory with something else would require the same effort as creating a new character.