( HC Beginner Fire BwC+Grenado Sorcerer + leveling guide

  • [Caster] [] HC Beginner BwC+grenado Sorcerer (Ralfhskz)
    • Damage: Fire
    • Active Skills: Blackwater Cocktail, Grenado, Flashbang, Mortar Trap, Thermite Mine, Mirror of Ereoctes, Nullification


Glad to share this build with you. After my ( HC Beginner Primal Strike Druid + Leveling guide - suitable for first char i decided to level another char from scratch, no merits, mandates, potions of clarity or other leveling itens used.

This time i wanted a full caster char, the focus here is on survivability, since we are playing HC.

The char uses only MI’s, craftable and faction gear, so this is a viable option if you are starting your first HC char too.

LVL100 current char Sorcerer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

( HC Beginner Bwc+Grenado Sorcerer x Kra’Vall

( HC Beginner Bwc+Grenado Sorcerer x Korvaak

( HC Beginner Bwc+Grenado Sorcerer x Theodin Marcell

( HC Beginner Bwc+Grenado Sorcerer x Morgoneth

( HC Beginner Bwc+Grenado Sorcerer Mad Queen

( HC Beginner Bwc+Grenado Sorcerer SR65

( HC Beginner Bwc+Grenado Sorcerer SR65 (super sloppy run and pulled all bosses on mistake :rofl:)

(SO CLOSE TO R.I.P :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)

Thank you all.


The first Sorc in the beginner compendium :partying_face:
I like that you test your builds against some harder content.

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Thank you! Yeah i got surprised by the tankiness of this blazing fella, very good survivability

i’m a beginner player, ty so much for this guide,its very detailed and well written, really helped me alot

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Glad you liked it, buddy! Good luck

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Very useful guide and am loving this build. I feel so powerful leveling rn!

Just a note that the 30-40 section of the leveling is missing, not sure if intentional or not but I’m making my way through :smiley:

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thank you for the reply! i really didn’t noticed the 30-40 lvl section missing :rofl: totally unintentional, gonna update soon! glad to see you’re enjoying this guide! good luck


Any update on the 30-40 section? :slight_smile:

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Hi there! Just updated. Feel free to ask for any info/question


hey there sorry for the dumb question when I get to homestead which faction should i side with

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Hi! I allied with order of death vigil, but this choice is totally optional because you can farm Kymon’s Badge from Benevald’s shop on blood grove, so feel free to choose any of them

I found this item, i dont know where, but i think is better than Zartuzellan Codex, check pls

Is my first time playing GD and i’m enjoying the game, the build is funny and have good clear, thanks

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Hi! Are you brazilian too? Well, in this case, this item is better because you’re using zarthuzellan ARCHIVE. Our build uses the other MI that he drops, the Zarthuzellan CODEX

Just farm him a little bit more and you should get it easy.

Thank you for the reply

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I didnt notice kkkkkkkkkkk, e sim, sou brasileiro, vi a foto do palmeiras e fiquei ué? Mas valeu aí, na comparação nem tinha reparado que era diferente, vou voltar e farmar ele pra pegar esse item pra leveling, vlw aí demais pelo guia, tô gostando de jogar de bomberman KSJKSDJKKSJD

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kkkkkkkkkkkkkk boa! boa sorte mano

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Thank you for this guide. I just started playing GD and I just wanted to play with a preset guide for my first run and this guide provides everything I need!

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