[] Decaygeis Sentinel - 1.1 million Decay Ticks - All Celestials, SR 80 - Vitality decay isn't a joke anymore?

As you may know, I like big one punch DoT builds.

1.2 brought several noticeable changes to vitality and vitality decay builds , namely through the rework of Affliction devotion and nerf to monster vitality resistance across the board. Moreover, Voidsoul just got an impressive buff to total damage modified to Aegis.

Let’s try to focus on vitality instead of chaos and see how it goes… GRIMTOOLS CLICK ME

Decay aegis stats
With permanent buffs only

Decay aegis damage
Damage with Abominable Might and Ascension

Fishing for high crits on dummies

Dummy kill in one combo

  • Voidsoul set and Conduit for obvious reasons. Use Seal of Blight on shield for additional flat damage and crit.
  • Weapon may seem weird but this is the best option due to conversion. +3 Second Rite is big too. Mark of Solael for additional rr
  • Ring of Vile Intent is needed to hard cap Reprisal. Part of the poison DoT is converted thanks to weapon
  • Voidheart for rr proc
  • Dread Knight Legplates for +3 Second Rite
  • Basilisk Medal for crit damage
  • Valguur gloves for conversion and OA
  • I found Girdle of Stolen Dreams more useful than +1 OK belt due to high OA and to hard cap Second Rite
  • Crafted boots with “Solael’s Malice” suffix to hard cap Second Rite.
  • Relic is Meditation because of course it is
Skills, Attributes and Devotions

Minimal physique and cunning to equip gear, rest goes in spirit for damage.

Pretty straight forward skill distribution: max main skill and rr, as well as utility skills like Ascension and BoD. Dropped excess points in Solael’s Witchfire for more flat chaos (fully converted) and % damage. I’m using DEE for damage reduction and to proc Abominable Might reliably. If you use 2x titan plating, (which you should otherwise you may have to deal with this:
then 1 point in Rebuke is enough to deal with reflect.

Devotions are a little all over the place but all the important stuff is there: Rattosh and Manticore for rr, Abom for high %damage boost. Rest is filler. Notice that Rat’s poison is partially converted by weapon.


Obviously this build excels at one thing and one thing only: running around in circles and killing bosses from afar. SR progression is fairly slow even though you can use Acid Purge filler to clear trash mobs.

How to level this build

Play standard vitality caster. I speed leveled wearing Lokarr set and Wilhelm amulet using Boneblade, Vampiric Bonewall shield and Bloodfeast medal. Max Pox (with Fevered Rage), Sigil main node and standard support skills.

Poison version

Even though decay version is now somewhat viable, poison is probably even better. Follow the main guidelines here [] Captain Dreeg - Voidsoul AoM poison DoT Sentinel [] [SR 80+] with 1.2 buffs, dps should be higher than the version presented here

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to comment.


I definitely need to revisit my build with the new update.

This is very cool :smiley:

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