[] Captain Dreeg - Voidsoul AoM poison DoT Sentinel [] [SR 80+]

Inspired by @Crab_Turtle_2112 's paradigm-shifting Internal trauma build that shows you don’t need multiple sources to make a successful DoT build if your one hit is big enough, I decided to seek other ways to kill super bosses in less than 10 hits. This is my most successful attempt so far.

This is not a build guide, just a showcase


(Those are DoTs)


Gear and Devotions

The build revolves around the Voidsoul set. Or rather, the “Total damage modified by 100%” modifier for Aegis of Menhir on it, and stacking as much flat poison damage as possible to get damage as high as possible.
The scepter is also crucial (try to get one with flat poison damage, ideally on both affixes)
Most other pieces of gear boost a node in the AoM line, provide flat poison damage, or at least boost %poison damage.

For devotions, I picked Rat and Manticore, the only 2 that have flat poison, as well as abomination for a bit of AoE. The rest is picked to plug up weaknesses, such as low health.

The build also works well in Dervish, but it’s a bit more squishy.


Hit and Run.
Very few build embody that moniker more than this.

Debuff with CoF, DEE (and the 2 RR skills attached) then use AoM and hope for a good crit. Once you have one going, the poison duration is about 29 seconds, so most things die with no additional output. Use the 2 movement skills you have to dodge until dead. A few additional hits here and there won’t hurt.



Coming soon Haven’t bothered running it yet.
I don’t have high hopes for good times with a build that excels at single targets.

Shattered realms

Cleared SR80 dying once (I somehow aggro’d 2 nemesis at the same time) Otherwise this wasn’t very hard.
Boss rooms are actually the easy bits. Had a bit more problem with Benn’jhar than with any other for some reason.

I have no doubt it can go further, assuming not horrible mutators and decent piloting.

Mad Queen

See for yourself:


I’m not yet at a point with this character where I can fight any of them. Will update later

That’s it!
if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate

Thank you!


you forgot to post the grimtools lol

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Fixed, thanks :slight_smile:

legit surprised where the sheet dmg is coming from
it’s using 4 slots on non poison dmg (i get why), and even the “lesser” 30% poison augs (compared to 50), and still somehow ends up with 3k poison like most normal builds :rofl:
regular dot dmg and voidsoul dmg mod “exploit” aside, i think it’s darn impressive it maintains basically regular sheet stats on top, while spending that many slots not on poison dmg :ok_hand:
guessing this probably even has more poison dmg than Torzini’s wasteland sentinel :thinking:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I knew I was losing on “regular” sources of %poison damage, so I went out of my way to compensate by maxing out the other slots, using auras relic and components, and overcaping Path of the three. I also have 2 other sources in masteries besides path (well, 3 if you include safeguard) so that helps. :slight_smile:

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How regular have you 700k+ DoT’s against the dummy - rather often? And if not, what is the more typical value. (asking because my 1 S&B Bleed DoT Blade Arc guy also can reach - but very seldom - 700k vs a dummy - but typical values are around 300 - 400k)

Edit: missed to mkle the obvious comment: it is a really great and creative build - getting such values using a non poison set is more than impressive (would not even have thought about using this set for a poison Aegis build)

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Use <details></details> instead of [details][/details]

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Average hits are a bit deceiving in the sense that a higher value will override a lower one for the entire duration. But taken in isolation I typically get 3-500K. if I throw a couple of times to get a good crit, 600K is very easy to get.

Thank you! :grinning:

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Then your build should have >100k more DoT damage than my test Bleed Blade Arc guy (400k is rather easy, 500 is often enough vs the dummy [fun fact: after I saw your video against Mad Queen, made my own test against her - and had quite some luck and a 500k DoT crit in the run :crazy_face: ])

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I’d love to have a look at your build too :slight_smile:
Care to share the Grimtools ?

I made one earlier in the Solo soldier thread, but I never really spent time perfecting it.

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relative straight forward - nothing really elaborated (was an early test after the Forcewave soldier)

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“and thus the DoT Wars began”