[] HardCore Elementalist 6 totems. Starting without handing over the stuff. Callagadra, Ravager, Avatar, Crate of Entertainment, 80-100 SR

Hi everyone, I would like to share one of my favorite builds in 1.2 is the elementalist on 6 totems. Tested it back in beta and as the patch was released, I decided to pump it on hardcore without transferring gear, getting the necessary things only by my own efforts. The second reason why I chose hardcore is that in 1.2 made health regeneration working defense mechanics, through which you can play, both at the stage of character development, and in the endgame, and the class elementalist, as best as possible supports health regeneration at all stages of the game, which makes taking hardcore and the most difficult endgame of the game, quite an exciting task.

I’ll start by showing you an intermediate version of the character as you level up and progress through the campaign.
The key helpers at the stage of pumping the character, for us will be MI things from specific bosses or monsters, which will give us bonuses to our totems, damage or increase health regeneration such as presented in this link: MI list for the leveling up phase
By level 48 of the character I had such a set of items and a huge health regeneration, which helped me survive even in difficult situations

By level 53, I had improved my gear and increased my health regeneration.

By level 63 I had even better gear options and the character had this set of items and characteristics

When the character got level 92, I set myself the task to put 2 levels for farming MI for level 94 in the final version of the build and represented the character at the time of farming this option

After densely farming MI stuff, I changed the character and got him to the point where he was capable of farming SR 65-66 to further improve the build and such a build for level 94 was obtained

efficiency of this assembly in SR 65-66


It took me about 25 runs of 65-66 to knock out the recipe for the final set I wanted and get the profile amulet for totems + about 12 runs to port valbury to get the belt
After farming, the character took this final form:
Screenshot from the game

After collecting this variant, I decided that my character was ready to fight the super bosses of this game and conquer 80 SR




Crate of Entertainment

80 SR full run

Some tests I ran in beta with this build on softcore with MI++ stuff

100 SR

90 SR full run

90-91 SR full run

90 SR

150-170 no buffs and banners




Crate of Entertainment

Thank you for your attention, maybe someone will find this build useful for the game and like the gameplay as much as I do :innocent:


Thanks for posting this amazing build. I’m still a beginner in the game, I don’t have much experience. I never dared to try the elementalist Character . I really like this build and would like to use it if you don’t mind.

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It’s trully amazing how you can survive Hardcore like this nowadays!

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He seems to be such an experienced builder, but does not know how armor works and how to use it as an analog of physical resistance :smile:

It’s incredible how merely 3500 armor can cover for low DA and 2% physical resist, I didn’t know that indeed!

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There is always something to learn, you can play on the HC to learn the game better :wink:

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On the subject of DA, a timeless classic

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Another good example where dialing in physical resistances isn’t much of a requirement and the armor bonuses from the set and its increase in build can give you great survivability. :slightly_smiling_face:

did you just compare a softcore char 1k more armour, 7x the phys res, 50% more DA (actually in the 3k spot of your DA meme), 20% absorb, an extra circuit breaker??,
to the notion that 3k armour might not exactly make up for 2% phys res in terms of safety for HC? - because that low phys res might not be “replaced”/substituted by that amount of armour

like the char stats are so widely different there is no point of comparison man.
What you should emphasise is this is like a “ultra kiter”, so it might rarely get hit by phys dmg
^but if does get hit by phys dmg, then yes 2% might eventually pose a slight problem for hardcore compared to a bit more, (even if it’s just 14% like on the commando) which might not exactly make it a “safe” build for HC, thus possibly deserving of some huge caveats or disclaimers in the post to warn about that to players “since not all HC players will be having 4000hours experience”…

^actually feel like this might be some form of a trend lately… :neutral_face:

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I would like to point out the fact that I played this build for several months in beta and chose it for hardcore out of many different options, as one of the safest and most comfortable for this mode. And you’re insinuating to me that it isn’t, very strange of course. I do have a lot of hours in the game, more than the figure you described, but that doesn’t negate the fact that that amount of armor does a good job of doing its job. If you are so detailed, I would like to point out that the build is not a tank and it does not need to stand still to deal damage, as you pointed out it is a typical mage who runs around and tries not to get hit, which you could see in the video tests. Second point, I don’t know how you watched the screens, but they show that the armor in the game is almost 3700. If you have not yet discovered the effectiveness of armor, as I did, then you have everything ahead of you and you will be pleasantly surprised. From my experience, I would say that 3650 armor with 100% absorption feels like the build has 45-50% physical resistance and yes yes this is not a joke, don’t laugh at it, this is reality that works well and is shown in the video.
Regarding the commando on FW, I gave an example of armor working, not comparing builds. The example was that builds that don’t build physical resistances well can increase their armor parameter and feel comfortable, even at high SRs like 100. Naturally, if you play HC I strongly discourage you from going that deep, which I haven’t done myself.


I’d also like to add that you shouldn’t look at the build from only one side, as if it has nothing else besides armor. Look at devotion, character branches, health regeneration, hopefully this will give you arguments in the reliability aspect.

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this matters, a lot
less experienced players can easily die with such stats, how do i know this; because you can die with better stats, and more experience
low phys res is a detractor and danger, specially in a build for HC that “any” player will see, thus deserves such mentions

which is why it deserves the special mention, imo “to highlight that you don’t want to get hit”

my bad must have had a buff button off, point still stands tho

it is not about effectiveness of armour, but it acting as a 1:1 substitute for phys res and in this case specifically for HC; you can get 1 shot with more armour and more phys res
^this makes 2% phys res dangerous for HC even with the armour amount “this is not something that can be debated” - which is the point of bringing it up, since this is presented as a regular public build, so players deserve that caveat mented

can tell you it does not; i can you tell you this from having died on 5k armour with over 30% phys res, and having played low phys res builds, and in mix match setups - also during levelling, and phys res adds significant safety and comfort (and you don’t have 3600 armour during levelling either remember)

you did not really, because the build has multiple other factors that has to be included in such comparisons (because you are making a comparison just trying to make it about armour/phys res specifically) - that just simply doesnt’ work when there is then other factors at play, like more armour, 7x phys res, 50% more DA, extra circuit breaker 20% absorb etc; there is so many extra layers there making up for it it’s not just as basic as showcasing low armour works
^because that’s the point of the elementalist, it only has armour, and nothing else.
Yes it has regen to bounce back from dmg (so does the commando despite the extra defences), but that doesn’t prevent 1shots or “rapid deaths” taking more than 6k dmg in 1 second’s regen; which is totally possible with 3600 armour and 2200 DA “is the point”

that is why the key detail here is kiting and the player pilot experience to “safely” handle these technical low defences, that for other players might be a death sentence on HC
that’s the point, and you can’t really argue around that; because you can die in less than 1 second/get “1shot” with better defences than the elementalist has

*i’m not saying you have to build immortal to advertise a HC build, i’m saying/agree with Lee’s mention; and adding my own addition because of that it deserves “highlighting” since it’s a build open to anyone including lesser experienced pilots…

**If you want extra highlighting; then keep in mind several sofctore players and builders already think LD can be a bit “squish” and have requested it getting phys res added(for years); and that’s on builds with more than 2% phys res

High armor low phys res is good against smaller instances of physical damage, against big crits 50% physical resistance will be infinitely better, advertised build is susceptible to receiving big hits having very crittable DA/no absorb/low damage reduction.

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has phoenix devo+blast shield :grin:

I meant permanent % absorb like Maiven/Possession etc., we all know how good is Phoenix Absorb against big physical hits :scorv:


Naturally against super bosses standing still even under their sander armor will play a small role, in relation to physical resistance, which will allow not even avoiding sander and standing callagadr in one point, which I showed on my vitality casters with 80+% physical resistance. Only in this example this is not the case, we are discussing a mage who runs and deals damage and does not need to stand in a point, as you can see in the video, that amount of armor and 2% physical resistance is enough for the build to withstand a hand strike from a super boss or some random strike, note the super boss, in the campaign and on SR 65-66, which is most often used on HC and below, such damage numbers are far from being available. SR 80 I wrote down for example, with what ease runs this build, for HC it is more than enough in the context of this build. And yes, I would like to point out the fact that the armor is now talking about armor from the build above, and not about all builds in the game. Each case should be considered separately. In this particular case, as described above, 2% physical resistance is fully replaced by 3670 armor with 100% absorption, I repeat, for this mage who runs, not standing still. Although running is only necessary on super bosses and high SR

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Regarding the fact that at the stage of lvling armor will be less yes, but there is such a fact that at the stage of lvling all survivability, even resistances, I was replaced by health regeneration, which in this build even at the stage of pumping the character a huge amount. And on some of your remarks about armor and physical resistance for this particular build, not about all builds in general, I wrote above, I will not duplicate.

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Critted Blitz/Forcewave hit from Iron Maiden that spawned with some nasty weapon can send that kind of build into the shadow realm.

It looks like you are misrepresenting the build and misleading possible followers by mistake or on purpose, I agree with @Gnomish_Inquisition here, you should be upfront about what your build is for. If it’s for a heavy kitefest gameplay in SR 65-66 that requires an experienced player, maybe just mention that first.

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What misconception and who am I leading? Be kind to be careful in expressions, I showed the fact that the build for HC can feel quite comfortable in SR 80 built almost from scratch in 35 hours, of course HC players in everyday life will be more important 65-66 SR, 80 SR shows how comfortable will be survivability for 65-66, if you didn’t understand what this is about or the translator didn’t get my words right, although if you need more precise wording, I know that you know Russian and I can explain those points in it even in voice chat if you need it. But you should not accuse me of misleading someone, when in front of you clearly shown all the tests from the stage of lvling character to endgame with video.


that’s the point; it can feel comfortable in your hands, a highly experienced players with thousands and thousands of hours playtime knowing everything about fights and attacks…
it can be lethal in the hands of a lesser experienced player: because you can die with better stats
“that’s the point” being made,
armour is not a 1:1 substitute for phys res, therefor with this builds lower defences it can potentially be less safe for HC “for many players”/specially players with less experience

and since it’s presented as a HC build, and technically has lower defences, it might deserve that mention/extra highlighting this is a build for experienced players or a very important “never get hit” playstyle if on HC…

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